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Has PDP Slipped To Regional Party?.

Nigeria News take a look at the future of PDP aftermath its national convention, which some described as a charade. The Peoples Democratic Party was never a southwest political party. Though its creation in beginning had the hands of strong politicians fr ...

Can Atiku Survive The Army Generals?.

Nigeria News take a look at how Abubakar Atiku would survive among the army generals in his bid for 2019 presidential election. The former Vice President Abubakar Atiku is not a stranger to the Nigerian military brass. In fact, he was a mentee of the late ...

Who Wins PDP Chairmanship Seat?.

Nigeria News take a look at the PDP national convention. Today is the anticipated convention of the opposition People’s Democratic Party, the nation’s federal capital, Abuja is gearing up for this event. The elective positions will be hotly contes ...

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