$1 Billion For Fight Against Terrorism Or Fight Against Opposition?

$1 Billion For Fight Against Terrorism Or Fight Against Opposition

The Nigerian governors recently approved the sum of $1billion (one billion dollars) from the excess crude oil account for the sole aim of fighting terrorism. In the recent past, the Nigeria government announced that it has “technically” defeated the “Boko Haram” and that pronunciation of course generated a lot of arguments as to the actual meaning of the word “technically” since there were still pockets of attacks here and there. But as it involves human lives, one cannot underestimate the life of an individual that is wasted as a result of insurgencies. These attacks do not indicate in the real sense that the terror group is completely disseminated, but their activities could be said to be curtailed to a fair extent where they carry out attacks on soft targets.


The fight against terror seems to be a business venture because some persons somewhere seem to be benefiting from the terror act. The experiences encountered in the previous administration clearly corroborate the aforementioned statement, where monies allocated to fight terrorism were re-allocated to meet different political benefits. Recall that an amount of money was equally released for the same purpose sometimes before the 2015 general elections and it was allegedly converted into funds for political campaigns which made that election one of Nigeria’s most expensive in the history of elections in Nigeria (I stand to be corrected).


The question now remains that, why should such funds be allocated in the fight against terrorism now that the foremost terrorist group in the country is technically defeated? Shouldn’t that fund be allocated to the rebuilding and re-integrating the dilapidated structures destroyed in the Northeast? Which would have even made sense, rather than on the fight against terror.


In a sharp response, the Vice President has risen to the defence of the allocated funds stating that it isn’t for the fight against terror alone but for all security challenges being experienced in all the states of the federation…seriously?


It is a common trend in Nigeria that when the tenure of the incumbent is whining down, there are a lot of permutations as to how to source for funds to pursue the re-election agenda. Could this move be seen as one of such permutations? Obviously, the reaction from the major opposition party the PDP is naturally expected. Could it be that the PDP themselves are beginning to reap what they sowed in 2015 where slush funds were allegedly used to campaign against the then opposition now the ruling APC? A very popular saying now comes to play, “what goes around comes around”.


One will begin to wonder, when Nigerians are already rejoicing over a paradigm shift in how elections are being conducted with the recent electoral act that was amended by the National assembly about the cost of prosecuting an election, where they specified amount of monies to be used in purchasing nomination forms, which is seen as a step in the right direction.


The incumbent might be thinking of expending such an amount of money for the fight against terrorism, while electioneering processes are just around the corner.


Our eyes are wide open; Nigerians should pay more attention to how this money will be spent. Hoping that insurgencies are brought to the barest minimum if it cannot be completely eradicated.

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