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10-Year-Old Boy ‘Chimobi’ Set Ablaze In Lagos Over A Pair Of Trousers

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A 10-year-old boy, identified as Chimobi was set ablaze in Lagos by his sister in-law, Gift Igwe for misplacing a pair of trousers.


The Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, Olarinde Famous-Cole confirmed the incident, adding that it happened at the residence of the suspect on Adenugba Street, Agunfoye, Ikorodu.


According to investigation conducted by our correspondent, the victim, Chimobi had misplaced a pair of trousers bought for him by his brother, who is Gift’s husband.


Gift had asked the Ebonyi born boy to produce the clothes, without which he would be punished.


She eventually poured kerosene on the boy and ignited matches on him for failing to produce the trousers.


The noise of the boy attracted residents and neighbors to Gift apartment where they found him reeling on ground in pain.


Chimobi was subsequently rushed to the Ikorodu General Hospital, Ikorodu while the police were contacted to arrest Gift.


Asked by the Policemen at the Igbogbo division what really happened, the boy said that his sister in-law wanted to burn him to death because he lost a pair of trousers.

Our correspondent got inoformation that officials of the Office of the Public Defender, who had been observing the treatment of Chimobi, took him into custody.


Meanwhile, the suspect had been granted bail because she is a nursing mother while the boy is still in hospital receiving treatment.

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