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2019 And Buhari’s Silent Noise

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As Muhammadu Buhari finally broke his silence, Nigeria News takes a look at the declaration of the president to contest in 2019.


President Muhammadu Buhari shocked the chieftains and officials of the All Progressives Congress, APC again on Monday as he declared his second term ambition at the party National Executive Committee’s meeting.


For the second time in two weeks, Buhari has gotten his timing right. He announced as illegal the tenure elongation of the party’s state and national officials earlier and advised that a national congress is held to choose new ones.


The party’s NEC meeting had been scheduled for Monday to resolve the lingering issues of tenure extension, which could not be resolved last week.


President Buhari was adamant to the persuasion of the party’s legal entity, led by Muiz Banire to allow tenure elongation at the NEC meeting last week.


The governors who attended the NEC meeting last week were also divided over the elongation. Majority of them had supported Buhari but the few who could not have strategized to change the president’s mind this Monday.


Three governors were chosen from each geopolitical zone to speak to all the states chairmen of the party to stand behind Mr President against tenure elongation.


The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja had been busy over the weekends as party chieftains and leaders engaged in various caucus meetings.


But they were shocked to hear Mr President address what is more germane to him, the second term ambition. He declared, “I will be contesting in 2019”.


His statement created a sudden silence, which later led to jubilation among his allies and an unquestionable pretence by his foes.


Buhari silent statement became loud when he urged President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki to give him support towards the 2019 presidential election.


Buhari told Saraki, “I will need your support in 2019.” It is a big blow to a senate president that is secretly nursing a presidential ambition. But in that gathering, Saraki only nodded.


In other words, Buhari had just told those in his party who were preparing to throw their caps in the ring for the presidential contest to shelve the idea.


Not that Buhari’s declaration has killed their ambition, it brought about a new political equation that must be solved before the party’s national congress.


The officials that will direct the affairs of the party in the next one year to the election must be those whose loyalty had been tested and found to be real.


There is no doubt that the present National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun is a close ally of Saraki. As a matter of fact, the current National Secretary of the party, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi is Saraki’s adopted son.


Abdullahi was Saraki’s Commissioner for Science and Education. His becoming the APC national official is one of the handiworks of Saraki.


But the Senate under Saraki has shown absolute hostility to the Buhari’s executives. It is glaring and for Buhari to sail through in 2019, the national and state officials of the APC must be changed. That is why there will be no tenure elongation for the party’s officials. It is a tale of a silent noise by Buhari towards running for second term in office.

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