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2019 Election, Nigerian Youths And Impact of Tramadol

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Nigeria News takes a look at the seized containers filled with tramadol three months to the general election.

That the Customs refused to take $421,000 bribe from the importer of a 40-feet container of Tramadol worth over N70 billion three months to general election is quite commendable. The National Agency for Foods, Drugs Administration And Control should also be commended.

These two parastatals have been working together since the proliferation of Tramadol in society. This is one illicit drug that is steadily forfeiting the lives of many of our youth population in the country.

But there is a need to look at the desperation by the importer to want to beat the customs and force himself into Nigeria hard drug market.

Of course, the importer must have shown such desperation so as not to lose such big investment on illicit drug, he is confident of making his money in a jiffy if only he can escape the customs.

His clients are on the standby and it is quite unfortunate that many of them are youths who are warming up for the violent political campaign.

Thousands of guns and ammunitions find their ways into the country on a daily basis and to use these, the youths must be intoxicated with tramadol.

Let us ask ourselves the simple question of why the killing of human beings in Nigeria has suddenly become a game? Why on earth did a score of youths invade a peaceful town of Offa, Kwara State and killed about 30 innocent residents in a bank robbery?

The youths have become so daring that they could kill at the slightest provocation. They live on hard drugs and the commonest is Tramadol.

Sometime in 2011, I met a politician who spoke about how much he had spent during his campaign, yet he could not win the primary to represent his constituency at the state house of assembly.

I was shocked when he said that he spent about N2 million on Marijuana. He had to buy Indian hemp for his teeming supporters, many of whom were youths.

That was about eight years ago when Tramadol had not become a household name. Political rallies were a no-go area for those who lacked in the art of thuggery.

The police announced a few days ago that the chief suspect in Offa bank robbery, Michael Adikwu died in custody. The suspect had earlier confessed to killing about 17 out of the innocent souls that fell in Offa bank robbery.

He was under the influence of tramadol. Before he died, Adikwu had confessed that he had once worked for the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki.

Tramadol is addictive, users go all out to get it. It is the cheapest way for politicians to gain the loyalty of many youths whose current economic recession had battered hard.

Beyond confiscating this hard drug, the Federal Government would need to probe those who import it to the country so as to know those who buy, sell and use it.

There is an invasion of our youths with Tramadol. According to the Director General of Nigeria Customs Service, 10 of the 40 containers that were seized at the Tin Can Island, Apapa contained Tramadol and four other containers contained bleaching soaps, all banned products.

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