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2019 Polls And The Dynamics of Corruption

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Nigeria News takes a look at the pattern corruption will take as the country prepares for the 2019 general election.

Towards the general election in 2019, funds will be released into the public and for those who are ready to sell their conscience, some money will be given to them.

Now, money is scarce. The Federal Government’s fiscal and monetary policies, according to the former Minister of Education, Dr Obi Ezekwesili, have failed to address the country’s economic challenges in the last three years of this government.

President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has been conservative in the way it releases money into the economy. Contractors complain bitterly while businessmen cry over exchange rate that is no more favourable. A US dollar costs N364 as at today. There was a period it was as high as N500.

But the funds will soon be released into individual hands in the next few weeks in spite of the loud noise about the fight against corruption.

The funds that were kept away from using for legitimate business will suddenly find its way to the streets and this time, it will fall in the hands of thugs and professional politicians who will never use it to grow the economy.

A few weeks ago, during the primaries of the political parties, it was observed that a huge amount of dollars were shared to voters and delegates. In fact, during this period, the US dollar nearly crashed in Nigeria.

Those who operate Bureau de change bought dollars from politicians and kept for the future purpose. Where did these dollars come out from, despite the fight against corruption? As it was in 2015 that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) shared dollars to voters and delegates, it is today.

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the PDP are warming up to doll out stashed money to the electorate. This is the real corruption I guess President Buhari must tackle if he is sincere.

Why not making the nation’s resources available to the people instead of dolling out money during the election? How about ensuring that workers who are opened to corruption and corrupt tendencies have enough to meet their needs? How about ensuring that only those who are productive have access to wealth?

The best way to fight corruption is not to continue to arrest those who exploited the loopholes and got fattened by it. The main task is to block all access, to stop people from being tempted and thereafter raise the risk bar against anyone caught exploiting the system.

This is a government that has refused to increase the minimum wage of Nigeria workers but very ready to blackmail workers into taking N26, 000 as its minimum wage benchmark.

What it means is that the government is merely involved in naming and shaming of charlatans who couldn’t resist the aroma of cheap funds. Perhaps like Judas Iscariot, once caught in the act, such could quietly go home and commit suicide as Judas did.

But Nigerians love life. The elites who knew the intricacies of corrupt practices have slaughtered their conscience. The past five decades have shown virtually the same set of politicians that have continued to contend for power and for relevance. They would continue to play with our tomorrow, and our institutions will also continue the play by the gallery.

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