2019 Presidential Poll: Higher Seat For Highest Bidder

Nigeria News takes a look at the cost of nomination forms for aspirants.

President Muhammadu Buhari has been able to raise N45 million to pick expression of interest and nomination form from the All Progressives Congress.

The Nigeria Consolidation Ambassadors Network, a new group surfaced on Wednesday to present a cheque of N45 million to President Buhari to enable him to pick the forms. The expression of interest form for presidential aspirant costs N5 million while the nomination form goes for N40 million.

The APC also sells the governorship forms for N22.5 million. The Expression of Interest Form goes for N2.5 million while the nomination form is sold for N20 million.

Forms for senatorial aspirant goes for about 7 million. The presidential nomination form was earlier put at N55 million but was later reduced when Buhari raised the alarm that he might not be able to afford the price.

The forms will be sold between Wednesday and Monday. Every governorship aspirant on the platform of the APC must be ready to cough out N22.5 million to pick a form.

For incumbent governors seeking the second term, the party has boosted their chances in that their competitors will think twice before committing such big funds to purchase the forms.

Even though governor’s salary is about N1 million, the party expects each of them to raise N22.5 million within six days for the forms.

But it is sad that APC, despite its anti-corruption campaign would peg nomination forms at a very pricey rate. The ”zero tolerance for corruption being propagated by the party has been roundly defeated by these unthinkable and pocket draining nomination forms price tags.

Can any aspirant besides Buhari who has just been purportedly helped by NCAN empty his bank account to purchase a nomination form because he wants to serve the people? Definitely, only a few Nigerians can do this and if they are lucky to get to power, they loot the public treasury. 

Even our president who has ruled for almost four years is not buoyant enough to pick the presidential form hence his pleas to well-meaning Nigerians to help him to secure one.

With this, the ”Not Too Young To Run Bill” cannot work for any aspirant who may be seeking an elective position on the platform of the APC.

This, of course, is an indication why such young aspirants like Omoyele Sowore and Fela Durotoye will never seek an elective position on the platform of APC. The main opposition, Peoples Democratic Party will also come up with a price closer to this to scare aspirants who are not money bags.

It took Buhari four times to contest and over a decade to win a presidential election in Nigeria because he belonged to unpopular political parties. Even when he joined the All Progressives Congress, his presidential candidacy was bankrolled by some moneybags within the party.

And help has come again for Buhari because there are more interest groups and cabals that want him for the second term to protect some interests. It is not that Buhari has performed any wonder in his first term but because some of his aides will have to keep their jobs.

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