2019: Tinubu’s Calculation In Buhari’s Second Term Bid

Nigeria News takes a look at the role Bola Tinubu will have to play in ensuring the re-election of Muhammadu Buhari.

One is not too sure which advice President Muhammad Buhari would accept. His challenges are many. Insecurity persists. The Nigerian economy is nothing to write home about till date because the average voter has been feeling the heat since he became President.

But looking at the current challenges, Buhari has just about one month to put his house in order before it is too late. But truth be told now, Buhari’s salvation lies majorly in no other hand than Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s hand.

Why the big BUT? Tinubu is being ridiculed by Buhari. And, he would be right to be angry. The ridicule began immediately Buhari assumed office. And despite a recent truce, the ridicule persists. If Tinubu’s strategy had been allowed, there would have been more than sanity in the National Assembly. Tinubu is not a saint, no doubt. But his long-term planning remains trillions of years ahead that of the coterie of wannabes around Buhari.

Lagos APC remains fictionalised. Yes, Tinubu’s side has been recognised by Abuja. But it should not have happened if Buhari was sincere with his olive branch to Tinubu. To make matters worse, those being used in Lagos to keep Tinubu in line remain Abuja’s first choice in almost everything. Yet, they have very little or no value to add to solve Buhari’s many challenges.

It is the same story across the South-West, where Buhari’s loyalists are ‘proving’ to Abuja that they can replace The Jagaban without much effort. Meanwhile, some of Buhari’s loyalists assisted PDP in winning the recent senatorial election in Osun State for PDP. With Ondo and Ekiti states in the kitty, it is believed, in their camp, they can deliver adequate South-West votes for the retired general in 2019.

Unfortunately, they have conveniently forgotten that those who can hold the sway are daily leaving the party. During next year’s election, the number of key figures deployed in Ondo and Ekiti states will be considerably reduced, as each governor will have to hold his respective states. The kind of assistance the Saraki camp offered to Adeleke in Osun will also not be there.

Buhari must realise Tinubu is not a fool. Buhari should remember that he is dealing with a sophisticated person whose strategy has frustrated Saraki since the latter became Senate president without Tinubu’s support.

You can force somebody like Tinubu to follow you, but in the Western Region when our people are being forced to follow a particular political line, they do so to carry out their bids.

Buhari must come clean with his peace efforts towards Tinubu. Yes, Jagaban has been issuing some press releases. Son of man is not impressed. Buhari would have done same to show he is on board.

Apart from Tinubu, Buhari needs to make up with Gen. T. Y. Danjuma. The man is not a politician. But he remains the most respected across the board in Northern Nigeria today. Danjuma is not clannish. He is not self-centred. He is by far more pro-North than Buhari himself, beginning with the killing of Ironsi and Fajuyi some 52 years ago as revenge for Northern military and political leaders killed by others earlier.

A sure step to getting Danjuma on board is a rejig of the leadership of the armed forces and other security agencies. They have failed. Only sycophants praise them today. The fear of some of us is that the ethnic and religious divisions being encouraged within the polity should not permeate the security services. Should that happen, disaster awaits the APC in next year’s elections.

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