46-Year-Old Man Drinks Himself To Death

46-Year-Old Man Drinks Himself To Death

A 46-year-old man, simply identified as Ubong, has drunk himself to death, according to eyewitnesses in Calabar, Cross River State.

Our correspondent gathered that Ubong was a drunkard from a well to do family but killed himself after taking bottles of local gin, also known as ‘Ogogoro’.

Eyewitnesses said that the body of Ubong was found in front of locked up shops on Punch Street, off Victor-Akan in Calabar South Local Government Area.

When the shop owners arrived at the weekend to open, they were scared to see the lifeless body at the doorstep.

One of them, who refused to mention his name said that every shop owner around the place ran away so that the police would not implicate them in the death of Ubong.

Speaking, a relative of the deceased who identified himself as Gideon stated that Ubong just received rent from one of his tenants and decided to spend some money on alcohol.

He said that he would have been revived from the hangover of the alcohol but because he was a perpetual drinker nobody could say the actual time he was normal.

He died due to the effect of ethanol that he drank. He inherited three rooms from his father and rented all out. He just received six months of rent from one of his tenants and decided to drink himself to stupor,” Gideon said.