7 gun for glory in Dance with Peter’s finale

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Dance with Peter

The Dance with Peter is getting more interesting as the cur­tain is finally being drawn on the Globacom sponsored reality TV show.

The Saturday episode, which was on contemporary African dance, saw 10 housemates opening the show with a well-choreographed performance, reminiscent of the South African troupe, Umoja. Footage of the activi­ties in the academy revealed the ten­sion that had engulfed them. Kelvin, Teejay, Julius Faktah, T-Rubber and Miracle, who had been put on proba­tion in the last edition, were all full of anxiety as the anchor, Ehis, called out the evictees.

Faktah earned the highest public votes and subsequently returned to the academy, just as Kelvin also narrowly escaped eviction by scoring the sec­ond highest votes that returned him to the academy.

Miracle, T-Rubber and Teejay were not as lucky as they were shown the way out of the academy, leaving seven housemates, C-Fly (524), Da Octopus (503), G-Xtreem (507), Amazing Amy (523), Kelvin (521), Julius Fakta (520), and Mali Hot Boy (511), to trudge on in the battle for the star prize of a Toy­ota Rav 4 SUV and N3 million cash including an opportunity of featuring in the next P-Square music video. But then, the voting public will determine who the eventual winner is.

According to Globacom, viewers can vote for their preferred contestant by sending his or her code to 55518 at the cost of N50 per SMS. Voting lines are open from 8pm on Saturday to 12 midnight on Monday.

Originator of the show, Peter Okoye, noted that the show has created a bond between him and the housemates, especially his team members, Teejay, C-Fly, Miracle and Da Octopus who have so far put up sterling performances.

“I’ve come a long way with my team members and have developed a bond with them. We are all like broth­ers now, we feel each other’s pain and share each other’s glory,” he said.

Team Peter is left with C-Fly and Da Octopus while Team Kaffy has Julius Faktah, Amazing Amy, and Mali Hot Boy. Team Flexx has Kelvin and G-Xtreem.

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