82 Chibko Girls Free By Boko Haram

Back in the year 2014, about 276 Chibok school girls were kidnapped by the famous Boko Haram militants. The news of the kidnapping that happened in the middle of the night spread globally, and it’s an act that sparked outrage. There was even a hash tag “bring back our girls”. Campaigns have been taking place while the government has been negotiating with the militias. As you look into the Nigerian newspapers today, there is a new development.

Girls Still in the Hands of Boko Haram According to Nigerian Newspapers Today

During the kidnapping, it is said that about 57 girls aged between 16 and 18 managed to escape, but the rest were unlucky. According to Nigerian newspapers today, they had to stay in the hands of the militias where some are still up to date. It is not known where exactly they are, but it is believed they are in the Sambisa forest. After this event in April 2014, another girl was identified as one of those kidnapped after she was seen asking for help out of the forest. Fortunately, she was rescued by good Samaritans.

Released Girls

As per the Nigerian newspapers today, more than 100 girls are still in the hands of Boko Haram as the negotiations with the government continue. All the girls converted into Muslim. In October 2016 the authorities in the country received 21 school girls from the insurgents. It is a situation that has kept parents, friends, relatives and the whole world worried about the welfare of the girls. President Buhari says that he is quite committed in bring all the girls back.

82 Girls Released As Per the Nigerian Newspapers Today

The latest development as per the Nigerian newspapers today is that the military received 82 girls from the Boko Haram recently. Despite the girls having been released, they are yet to meet with their families since they are still in Banki. This is a town that is located in the northeast part of the country. They are expected to be in Abuja on Sunday where they will meet the president. It is in Abuja that they will also go through medical check-ups to rule out any health issues and meet up with their families.

Reason for Release

One main factor that has seen these girls released is the ongoing negotiations between the Nigerian government and the militia officials. Boko Haram has made it clear that they will release the girls in exchange to their members that are still in various prisons. As many people read the Nigerian newspapers today, they are delighted with the progress with families hoping, their loved ones have been released. This they will know when the girls get to Abuja.

Boko Haram is a militia group that has claimed many innocent lives in the country. Everyone was worried for the worst, but it seems the girls are still alive. It is a group that has spread fear even in the neighbouring countries. The world hopes that all the girls will be released.

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