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A Peep At Nigeria’s First Family

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Most great leaders I have read about had challenges managing their family.

Since the days of Biblical Priest Eli to King David and now President Muhammadu Buhari, family challenges had been the bane of great leaders.

Prophet Eli had a problem controlling his children. The children were so indulged to the extent that they incurred the wrath of God.

Despite all his efforts doing the work of God, his children brought reproach upon him.

God chose Samuel, the son of Hannah to reign while he killed the corruptibly indulged children of Eli.

As Christians, we all have the vivid memory of the life and kingdom of the greatest King in Israel, David.

One of David’s challenges was his children who stole the hearts of the Israelites and perverted judgement even in his lifetime.

David’s children engaged in fornication, incest and abomination that messed up the stool of their father.

As a matter of fact, one of David’s children, Absalom sought his father’s life and slept with some of David’s wives. It was so bad.

Coming to Nigeria, there is a new Hanan, the daughter of President Buhari.

Unlike Hannah the mother of Samuel the prophet, our own Hanan the last daughter of president Buhari is highly indulged.

The biblical Hannah, the mother of Samuel embraced discipline so that her son could succeed, our own Hanan, the daughter of President Buhari threw caution to the wind to fly the presidential jet from Abuja to Bauchi on a photoshoot.

She flew one of the presidential fleets to Bauchi State so that she could get enough materials to write her master’s thesis, according to sources.

Earlier before she committed this absurdity, the over-indulged Hanah had accused one Mr. Anthony Okolie of stealing her GSM SIM card.

The Department of State Service would not investigate how Hanah’s SIM card got to Okolie’s phone.

The operatives swang into action, got Okolie arrested and detained the innocent Nigerian for seven weeks.

It was later realised that the telecommunication company MTN actually sold the SIM card to Okolie because Hanan had since stopped using it.

Okolie was later released but with the order that he must not sue Hanan or the department for breaching his fundamental right.

Of course, Okolie had since sued the DSS and Buhari’s daughter for N500 million compensation over his breach of fundamental human rights.

The innocent Okolie also sued the telecommunications company for selling Hanan’s line to him without prior information.

There is no doubt that Nigeria first family is corruptibly indulged, judging by the carelessness of the children of Mr. President.

A few years ago, Buhari’s son, Yusuf had an accident while riding a bike on the street of Abuja.

While it is not illegal that Yusuf rode and crashed on a bike, the cost of the bike became an issue in a country that is regarded as the headquarters of poor people.

The president’s son rides N120 million machine.

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