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A Visit To Poor Peoples Home

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Nigeria News takes a look at the mingling of politicians with ordinary Nigerians ahead of the 2019 election.

This morning as I drove along Third Mainland Bridge, I suddenly found that the road was free.

The last quarter of this year has been hectic driving in Lagos and mostly on the Third Mainland Bridge. It seems Lagos Government is now on holiday with heavy traffic everyday and everywhere.

But each time the traffic is light, the experience on the road changes. I noticed this morning the exodus of hundreds of youths who hawk different products on the bridge.

They are youths and they moved hundreds from Ilaje area of the bridge towards Adeniji Adele. They stay in the traffic selling plantain chips, biscuits and chewing gum to motorists.

As the traffic subsides, these street hawkers move away from the road to have a nap under the bridges around the place.

They trek as far as Onikan under the bridge to take a nap. They return to the road when workers close in the evening to make sales again.

Many of them are adults, some are graduates who have taken to street trading because they could not secure their dream job.

There is a law banning Street trading in Lagos. These youths are mindful of the state environmental law. They run away whenever they smell the presence of the state task force team on the environment.

They are among the poor Nigerians that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had been talking about in the last few weeks. He goes around to meet them. He sensitizes them about the various schemes the Federal Government has for them.

But I do not think they benefit from the tradermoni that the government is distributing in the market at present.

They are very athletic as they run after vehicles to sell their products. They are also aggressive and a little provocation could make them mob their victim.

It is amazing that Osinbajo has now made it a duty to visit homes of some poor Nigerians as the 2019 election draws nearer.

He was in Ilaro, Ogun State at the weekend where he paid a visit to the home of some poor Nigerians. Osinbajo is known for his humility before now but the coming election has increased his passion for the poor. He is a man of double conversion. From academic to theocracy and now to democracy.

In Lagos, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar and his running mate, Peter Obi also met with a group of youthful Nigerians to convince them that they are loved.

As usual, the youths, may be one should say because of their gullibility have always trooped out to hail the politicians who have been mortgaging their future.

At times, these politicians will resort to riding bicycle to mingle with the electorate before the election. They share corn and groundnuts with the voters and distribute some money to lure them to the polling unit.

This will last for a season and they may never meet again.

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