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Abbo’s Confidence Despite Allegation of Assault

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Nigeria News takes a look at the confidence around Senator Elisha Abbo despite the allegation of public assault against him.

SenatorElisha Ishaku Abbo, representing Adamawa North may eventually go scot-free onthe allegation of public assault against him.

The videoclip of Abbo in which he slapped a nursing woman at a sex toy shop went virallast week. He was invited by the police for interrogation and consequentlyarraigned before the Federal Capital Territory Magistrate Court.

The court granted him N5 million bail. The case is now in court, which of course should not have stopped the ad-hoc Senate probe committee from investigating the matter but at present, the litigation may stall the Senate process.

When he appeared before the Senate committee, headed by former Governor of Ebonyi State, Sam Egwu, the alleged Senator Abbo nearly turned it rowdy.

He told the panel that he would not sit down and be interrogated in the presence of the media. He stated that he had only respected the institution of the Senate by presenting himself, adding that he was not supposed to entertain any further probe since the case is currently in the court.

Incensed by Abbo’s submission, the only woman in the panel, Senator Oluremi Tinubu fumed that the alleged lawmaker had no right to dictate the procedure that the investigative panel had taken and that the Senate had the right to suspend him.

She posited that the institution has an interest in the assault allegation and would expect Abbo to respect and have confidence in the members of the panel appointed by the President of the Senate to carry out the assignment.

However, the session became interesting when Abbo raised his voice against Senator Oluremi Tinubu, saying that he could not be threatened with suspension in a case that is already before the court. He stood his ground, requesting that the probe be conducted behind the camera.

To Abbo, itis prejudicial for him to testify before the panel. After a short conversationamong members of the panel, the newsmen were asked to leave the venue of thepanel while the probe was conducted behind closed-door.

Meanwhile, the committee had demanded at the Senate plenary on Wednesday the extension of the probe period and submission of its report.

The Chairmanof the panel, Egwu expressed frustration from the witnesses that were invitedfor interrogation, saying that some of them refused to give accounts of thealleged assault due to the fact that the case is now in court.

From the look of things, the Senate may have to wait until the court concludes the case, even though the President of the Senate had only added one more week for the committee to submit its report.

Abbo’s growing confidence despite available evidence and his acceptance of misconduct is annoying. This is a Senator that has tendered public apologies, yet his conduct before the panel has not reflected any sign of remorse.

Abbo is so sure that the case will swing in his way and if otherwise, it seems he has prepared for the worse.

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