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About Us

About Us

Elevate News is a website where you can find the latest news in Nigeria. Regardless of the things that you find interesting, whether it is Nigeria election or entertainment, we got you covered. We have news covering politics, education, and business, among others. From our website, you will find it easy to stay abreast. From breaking stories to past articles that will make sense in present time, we got you covered.

Our Commitment

At Elevate News, we are committed towards one thing – provide you with an easy to access platform for current news in Nigeria. For those who do not have the time to read the newspaper, we offer a novel solution as we make the latest stories available in an electronic format, which will be easier and more convenient for you to access. We believe that every Nigerian has the right to know the most recent happenings in the country, which will matter for the life of every citizen. Our website will make this possible.

What We Do

We envision being the media content provider of first choice amongst Nigerians. We are passionate about our job of delivering the bests stories in the absence of prejudice. We are not politically-motivated in any way. We have the ardent pledge of providing news stories that are non-partisan, without bias to any party. Our stories are written to inform and not merely to voice out personal opinions.

At all times, we uphold freedom of the press. We believe that anyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but this does not give us the right to deliver news in our favor. We are not motivated with self-interests. We are concerned about the welfare of the nation as a whole and not in the promotion of selfish intentions.

We create news with impact, triggering the attention of readers and making them take part. We encourage everyone to share their opinions as we have a comment section where you can share how you feel about the stories that we share. In the same way, we would like to remind our dear readers to be responsible and sensible when sharing their comments.

Be Here and Share your News

Elevate News is a growing family of individuals with passion in objective journalism. If you would like to share unbiased and exciting news, we encourage you to be part of our family. Simply complete the quick registration process and you can be part of our team.

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