Adeosun: The Innocent Victim of A Corrupt Nation

A closer look by Nigeria News into the Adeosun’s NYSC certificate scandal.

Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun may have run afoul of the Nigeria law unconsciously. This is what you contend with when you have suddenly become a stranger in the place of your birth.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Adeosun schooled in Europe but chose to exhibit her intellect in Nigeria as a working class. No doubt, she has shown how brilliant she is, having served as the Commissioner for Finance, Ogun State and currently the Nigeria Minister of Finance.

However, she is being alleged to have used fake National Youths Service Corps’ exemption certificate to secure all the jobs, including her current occupation in the country.

Nigerians are probing, they want to hear from the minister to deny the allegation. I hope the minister is not regretting coming to serve her father’s land.

If Adeosun has remained in the UK, perhaps she would have been a staff of the World Bank or something lesser and with this, Nigerians would hail her as a good exploit and African pride.

As a matter of fact, nobody would ever ask if she ever served in the NYSC.  But since she chose to work in Nigeria, it became indorsed for her to pass through the one-year compulsory youths service scheme.

Just like the majority of people out there, one would have said that She was above 30 and ineligible for the service but with an exemption, Adeosun could work anywhere in Nigeria.

I believe it will interest you to know that the present age of someone applying for NYSC certificate is not what actually determines whether the person is legible to go for NYSC program or not.

According to the NYSC official who was interviewed via telephone during Channelstv Sunrise Daily, he said what actually determines whether the applicant will be given a call-up letter to serve or an exemption certificate is the date of graduation.

That, anyone applying for NYSC certificate will have to go through the NYSC program if the person graduates before clocking 30 years of age, even if the applicant is 60 years old before applying for it, the person will have to go for the NYSC program, so far the person obtained the required qualification before the age of 30.

He also added that an exemption certificate is not what you apply for. That, you apply for NYSC program but an exemption certificate will be issued, instead of a call-up letter, to any applicant who obtained the required qualification for NYSC program a day or more after clocking 30 years of age.

That the Senate knew about the faking of the NYSC exemption certificate by Adeosun during the ministerial screening and capitalized on it to milk the minister is enough evidence to describe the gregarious level of corruption among the political elites.

That Adeosun confidently submitted a fake certificate for screening could also be seen from his level of ignorance or innocent about the implication of her illegality.

I want to believe that some crooks had capitalized on the simplicity of the minister to provide for her a fake letter of exemption from NYSC.

It is a common setup in “Oluwole” area of Lagos where certificates and signatures are easily forged for big and small scams.

Perhaps, Adeosun has fallen victim to this and now she has found herself in a shameful situation, which only God can save. She has remained silent, possibly obeying the counsel of her lawyer.

Another thing is that Adeosun may be facing persecution for being too loud against the National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC’s failure of not rendering to the Federation Account.

There are cabals in the government who are out to dent images. They have politicians’ dirty dossiers and will be ready to expose it if they cross their lines.

Adeosun could be an innocent victim of a corrupt country. Besides what she has known as a finance expert, the minister will need to learn how to play dirty to survive Nigeria politics as it is other climes.

She will have to come out to protect the image she had spent years to build from being dented.

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