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Aftermath Sallah, Lagos ‘Bubbles’ Again

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Nigeria News takes a look at the return of workers to work after the Eid-el-Fitr.

The last week has been full of merriment. The May 29 inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari and State governors across the country was peaceful and successful.

There was no single news of terror attack or banditry. It seemed the criminals always went on holiday. But on Wednesday the body of the 78-year-old mother of a former lawmaker of Bayelsa State, Mrs Kate Owoko was found on the Bank of Amassoma River in the State. The woman was kidnapped in April and until yesterday, nobody could trace her.

Federal Government declared June 4 and 5 as Eid-El-Fitr holiday, it was a restful period as workers took time to visit friends and relatives.

There are indications that the government will also declare June 12 as a public holiday. For an average government worker whose minimum wage has been increased to N30, 000, this period is good because he has nothing to lose.

However, some workers in private firms worked during the last public holidays. They did overtime to augment their pays. On Thursday, the streets of Lagos came back to life as workers resumed. Public and private school pupils also resumed while food vendors stormed the roads to make some money.

The 30-day-Ramadan ended on Monday. It is time for merriments again. On Lagos Island, operators of food restaurants have increased the quantity of foods they prepare for their customers. During the Ramadan fast, most fast food restaurants prepared a small quantity of food, which of course reduced their daily income.

“Thank God, Ramadan fast is over. Our customers will come back,’ a food vendor on Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island who simply identified herself as Romoke has said.

Romoke has a restaurant on Solomon Close. Most of her customers are bankers, drivers and contractors.

She told our correspondent that soon the price of soup ingredients would soon reduce in the market because the Ramadan season is over. “Our restaurant will bubble again. We are here to serve you better,” she posited.

There is a car park at the junction of Solomon Close, off Ahmadu Bello Way. Inside the place, there are more than five restaurant. A week ago, the operators complained about low sales but on Thursday, the place was crowded with people who have come to eat.

It was gathered that the place would be more crowded in the night being the first working day after Salah break. The operators said that beer and various sort of alcohol would be sold in the evening after closing hour for workers to unwind.

Many of the workers do not leave for home until late in the night after the traffic must have subsided. They relax with friends with some bottles of alcoholic drinks.

“Life begins again,” one of the regular customers at the car park said. He stated that the last 30 days had been given to God in prayers and fasting. “Our God is good. We survived the Ramadan fast and it is time to take some good food and wines,” he jokingly said.

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