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Akeredolu’s Legal Market For Marijuana

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Nigeria News takes a look at the call at the FG to legalise the cultivation of Marijuana for the economic purpose by Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu.

Nigeria should tap into the $145 billion Marijuana market now and allow massive cultivation of the weeds around the country, the Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu had posited.

He wants the Ondo government to invest in the economy of Marijuana from the medicinal perspective perhaps as one of the ways to increase the Internally Generated Revenue of the State.

Marijuana isa weed but its consumption is not permitted by the government of Nigeria. It isillegal to sell Marijuana or export it.

The Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) prohibits the use of Marijuana as it takes it as one of the illicit drugs being regularly abused by the youths.

But Marijuana has medicinal advantages, which Akeredolu believes Ondo government and by extension, Nigeria should tap into using proper legislation to enter into the big market that is expected to hit $145 billion in 2025.

Recently, theCanadian government legalized the use of cannabis in medicine. Marijuana ismostly grown in Ondo State where many Nigerians buy it at wholesale andtransport illegally to other parts of the country.

NDLEA arrests many of these illicit drug dealers and confiscate the contrabands, according to law.

However, Akeredolu is currently facing serious public censure in the media as many are accusing him of trying to encourage the use of an illicit drug in the country.

Only a fewnumber of people have looked at the business angle of the sales of Marijuana asbeing campaigned by Akeredolu.

The governor is of the opinion that the NDLEA will regulate the commercial operations of Marijuana to the medical market.

The governorwho took a tour to Asia to study how Cannabis was being used for medicalpurposes noted that Ondo would go fully into the business if the FederalGovernment could support the idea.

Meanwhile, the Afro singer, Seun Kuti has lauded Akeredolu over the plan to legalise Marijuana in Ondo State. He reacted to the governor’s tweet, saying that he would not mind relocate to Ondo to have Marijuana.

Of course, Kuti has taken after his father, late Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He smokes Indian hemp. And like many others, the nooks and crannies of various motor parks are steadily becoming hideouts of Marijuana smokers.

Though not legalised, the smoke and odour of Marijuana are common perception at motor Parks. Most commercial bus drivers smoke in the open, even though Marijuana is prohibited.

This is where the problems lie in that the smoking of Marijuana has saturated the public space even though it is not legalised. How will society cope if it is legalised? But the State governments are looking for every means to increase their revenue base.

Marijuana is not solid or liquid minerals that their exploration is on exclusive legislative list. In California State of US, Marijuana is legalised and if Nigeria must practice true federalism, nothing should stop Ondo government from legalizing Marijuana for economic gains.

The States must pay the new minimum wage of N30, 000, therefore they must look for money to do so.

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