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Ambode’s Unguarded Statements

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Nigeria News takes a look at the statement of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State as he addressed journalists on Sunday.

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode is determined to fight all the forces that will not make him to retain his seat.

After he had failed to convince the Governor Advisory Council at the Bourdillon, Ikoyi residence of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on why the All Progressives Congress should field him for second term, Ambode hurriedly organized a world press conference at the Lagos House Ikeja on Sunday.

The governor must have coughed out some huge amount of money for the leading television station, Channels to show the news conference live. A live broadcast on three television stations, including the state owned, LTV will not be less than N100 million. To a Lagos State governor, it is paltry anyway.   

As soon as 12pm, journalists, including international media had staged their equipment for a news conference that was scheduled for 2pm. And finally when he arrived to address, Ambode sounded unguarded.

Yes, Ambode has the right to contest but calling his opponent names to reap electorate sympathy is like making the opponent more popular. The APC endorsed candidate, Mr Jide Sanwo-olu has transverse three administrations in the state with no record of fraud.

But on Sunday, Ambode indirectly described Sanwo-Olu as unfit to lead Lagos, a psychiatric and ex-convict. He indirectly alleged that Sanwo-Olu was arrested in a US clubhouse for spending fake dollars and consequently convicted for the same offence.

He also said that his co-aspirant had mental challenges, adding that Sanwo-Olu was treated by the Gbagada General Hospital for mental illness. This sounds ridiculous and I think, it is not the best way to seek sympathy from Lagosians.

If it is true that Sanwo-Olu was convicted for spending US fake dollars, then the case must be investigated. His mental health should also be investigated. Ambode must have done Nigerians and Lagosians a great favour for revealing to us, what we did not know about Sanwo-Olu.

But, does Sanwo-Olu’s shortcomings make Ambode a saint and the better candidate? Why did Femi Hamzat step down for Sanwo-Olu and not Ambode?

Hamzat had worked with both Ambode and Sanwo-Olu at one time or the other but he preferred an alleged convict than a saint governor.

Ambode had chosen a wrong formula to attack his fellow co-contestant and this may affect him on Monday at the primary. There are scores of allegations been peddled by Ambode’s opponents, none of which had been revealed to the public.

Perhaps, this is the time to do so. But the primaries happen today and if Sanwo-Olu eventually emerges as the APC flagbearer, Ambode would have to provide evidence that his opponent was a convict and a psychiatric.

Ambode was persuaded to drop his second term ambition at Bourdillon. He refused, possibly because he had got some rookie politicians who were out to challenge the dominance of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Ambode has just touched the snake tail, his languages against his opponent may cost him his office on Monday.

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