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ANALYSIS: Ogun Governorship Race: APC And Amosun’s Unholy Alliance

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Nigeria News takes a look at the permutations and consequences of political alliances ahead of the Ogun governorship race.

The Ogun State governorship election will be tough. The state Governor, Ibikunle Amosun has been spitting fire, threatening to die to resist the alleged plot to rig the election by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Amosun is a senator-elect on the platform of the APC. He has since been suspended for anti-party activities. As he runs around to sell his candidate, Adekunle Akinlade of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM), Amosun says he will not mind laying down to stop APC.

It is more evident that the battle is between Amosun and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo group. President Buhari’s body language seems to be still on the ‘unholy alliance‘ of Amosun and APM.

The president is indifferent, perhaps of the old relationship between him and Amosun. No thanks to their political affiliation in the early years of APP. This singular factor (loyalty) seems to give the governor unhindered access to Aso Rock villa.

But Buhari should know better now that Osinbajo is more loyal even though they never belonged to the same political lineage before now.

One advantage that Amosun has now is his access to state funds, which he will use to realise his purpose. It is not also inappropriate to describe the support of the choice of Hon. Akinlade (APM candidate) from Yewa as unprecedented by any incumbent in the history of Ogun State.

The ijebus and Egbas have always dominated the Ogun West but the present permutation in which two candidates have emerged from Yewa will make the Saturday poll very interesting.

The election is a game of number but in Ogun State, it is more of the influence the gladiators can display in the next 48 hours cum funding that will determine who wins the race.

There are dissent voices coming from the civil service, labour movement and the APC against the incumbent governor. But Amosun won Ogun Central in the last senatorial elections.

It means the campaign to win the gubernatorial race by Akinlade would be intensified more to the East where Dapo Abiodun hails from. If Dapo Abiodun has the likes of Olusegun Osoba in his team to cover the central, the question will be how readily available and strong is he financially.

Though the Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu factor cannot be down played here as he has always aligned with him until he left for SDP in 2015.

Gboyega Nasir is another candidate representing ADC from Yewa land. He has a sizable followers and has been in the governorship race since 2011 elections. He is another factor that could whittle down the influence of Akinlade in his stead.

Just on Wednesday, Senator Buruji Kashamu became the authentic PDP flagbearer in the governorship race. He is a good spender but not very acceptable in Ogun East. There is every likelihood some followers of Ladi Adebutu queue behind Dapo Abiodun as a ploy to fight a stranger from the West.

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