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Analysis – Why “Otoge” Movement May Not Work In Lagos

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Nigeria News takes a look at the new slogan, “Otoge” a movement from Kwara to Lagos.

One would have loved to see a different party ruling Lagos instead of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the next four years but it may not happen now.

The reason is that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that has the capacity to challenge the status quo has not been able to come up with a stronger political strategy to win the state.

How do you expect to win a battle with a weapon created by your enemy? The enemy has not only made the weapon, he had tested it and successfully used it to destroy one of his toughest enemies in the middle belt.

The “Otoge” movement is the logic of the APC, which it used to fall the Saraki’s political dynasty in Kwara State a week ago.

For PDP to import this slogan to Lagos to bring down Tinubu’s political hegemony is like making the mockery of its own dethroned leader, Saraki who was deflated by a weapon he never thought could stop him.

Those who sold this dummy to PDP in Lagos could be making a terrible mistake because it had given the APC the latitude to come up with two other strategies that quickly and simply stopped the protesting PDP members on Friday.

As the PDP supporters stormed the Lagos streets with “Otoge” rally, the APC supporters stormed the state secretariat to distribute bags of rice.

Call it stomach infrastructure, the civil servants abandoned their jobs to queue for rice at “Adeyemi Bero Hall” inside the secretariat.

The APC also engaged the Lagos State Police Command to disperse the PDP members who were shouting “Otoge” on Lagos streets.

Of course, there is a godfather in Lagos as it was in Kwara. The former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is not hiding from playing this role.

Sensing that the huge ethnic groups in Lagos could spell doom for him during the last presidential election, Tinubu rolled in bullion Van loaded with money to his Bourdilon, Ikoyi residence to save the disgrace.

He knows the language of the electorate, money and has never shied away from spending big to achieve his political goal since he became the state governor in 1999.

This is what an average PDP chieftain will be hesitant to do coupling with the party’s lack of resources and recent defeat suffered in the hands of the APC last nine days ago.

The APC governorship candidate in Lagos, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu is so confident that he will win despite the “Otoge” movement being sponsored by the opposition in Lagos.

Yes, he lost his polling unit in Ikoyi during the presidential poll, Sanwo-Olu is of strong belief, he would win the unit during the gubernatorial poll.

While speaking to our correspondent, the candidate said that the governorship election is a local poll and that APC would beat PDP hands down on March 9.

Of course, the PDP governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje also lost his polling unit in Apapa to APC, the pharmacist believes he has the chance to change the status quo.

Agbaje would be contesting for the third time. He has always been creative with his campaign but his new logic of working on the emotion of the Igbo ethnic group in Lagos may turn out to be his undoing.

He was at Ladipo to meet the Igbo motor parts sellers. His presence was felt in Alaba market among the Igbo electronic sellers and the Computer Village, Ikeja but the PDP candidate has not done a lot among the Yorubas who are the Aborigines of Lagos State.

The Lagos gubernatorial election will be divided along ethnic, social stratifications and the party with the biggest money to waste.

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