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And Pastor Also Commits Suicide

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Nigeria News takes a look at the spate of suicide in Nigeria.

No drunkard has always agreed that he is drunk until he falls and sleeps in the drain. “You think I’m drunk, no, I know what I’m doing”, that is the language of a heavy drinker.

He will never own up until he wakes up by the roadside the next morning. And like a drunkard, mentally sick person does not look for help, somebody goes out to find him help because he had since lost his consciousness and mind.

Just like a depressed person, he hides his condition but pretends to be in a good frame of mind until his death becomes sudden news.

I glued my eyes and listened with rapt attention as the founder of Help and Soul Initiative dissected the spate of suicide in Nigeria at present.

The Head of the Department of English Language, University of Lagos, Professor Hope Eghagha lamented that about 100,000 Nigerians commit suicide annually with many unreported cases.

He also stated that Nigeria is ranked 15th nation where citizens commit suicide. I know of India but things are getting out of hands in Nigeria today where citizens now see the Lagos Lagoon as the easy way to end their lives or use sniper to end their depression.

Last week, the news of a Redeemed Christian Church of God worship pastor, Michael Arowosaiye went viral on social media.

That same week, a candidate of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) ended his life abruptly, having written the examination three times without success.

Another student of the University of Nigeria, Nsuka, Enugu State committed suicide perhaps because he could not graduate at the appropriate time.

Their death was not associated with economic reasons, yet they were depressed and sought the quickest but the most painful way to give up.

Before their death, they gave the impression that they were happy, even when relatives and friends must have noticed their misbehaviours.

There are still many of them living with us but with the evil plan to end it quick and criminally. The government has a lot to do in this regard.

It was not a waste of time that the British Government created a Department of Suicide Prevention. The government is tackling this problem, which Nigeria government is yet to emulate.

If a pastor who preaches the word of Life begins to think that suicide is the next option, then there is a need to reassess our faith in Nigeria.

Hope the faiths have not failed us in Nigeria, a country that is believed to be so religious, yet a pastor leaves the pulpit to take his own life.

No one is talking about the suicide bombers, the appendage of terrorism whose fanaticism had sent to the great beyond in the name of making “Aljana”.

Culturally and religiously, it is wrong to take one’s life. But with the spate of suicide in the country now, the government must make it as a matter of urgency for citizens to see Psychiatrists and Psychologists as part of their regular medical check so as to ascertain our level of sanity.

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