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APC; A Party On A Shaky Podium

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Today in Nigeria News; the searchlight goes to APC.

Perhaps they could take time to think about the future, Nigerians politicians would have built political parties on principles and ideals but like an average politician anywhere in the world, their thought is about the next election.

What makes politics in the developed economy different from that of Nigeria has been the continuous presence of the Old Ground Parties formed on principles and ideologies.

No doubt, the first republic politicians in Nigeria did their best as regards creating political parties that could stand the test of time on objectivity, belief and values, they never lived long due to military incursion.

Such parties like the Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN and the National Party of Nigeria, NPN were two rival political parties that dominated the political landscape of the country for some years but the demise of the founders killed the party itself.

It gives room for mediocre, who see politics as an opportunity to loot rather than service. Gone were the days when men of impeccable characters formed the core of political parties with strong constitution to wade off those that would not share their ideas.

Today, political parties in Nigeria are more or less congregations of gangsters, defectors and crooks with no ideal manifestoes to build a nation.

After the defunct Social Democratic Party, SDP and National Republican Convention, NRC, came new parties towards the 1999 general election.

Some of the battered politicians and those who fought the military to submission reorganized to form new political parties that ushered in the present democracy.

Prior to 1999 election, such political parties like Alliance for Democracy, Peoples Democratic Party, ANPP, APGA, Labour Party were formed.

All these parties were strong at the inception, dominating their strongholds but as at today all of them are pervaded with internal crisis.

Members defecting from one party to another willfully and returning without any sanction. Politicians have thrown caution to the wind, seeking a comfort zone to establish their selfish agenda.

Lawmakers, governors cross carpet whenever their political parties are not in charge of the “national cake”. Defection is so easy in Nigeria politics and it attracts no penalty whatsoever.

It got to the climax in 2014 when almost all PDP lawmakers at the National Assembly defected to the newly born All Progressives Congress, APC. At the time, about five PDP governors also joined APC.

APC was an alliance between the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN and the All Progressives Party, APP. The ultimate aim of the APC was to wrestle power from the ruling PDP.

The alliance was good, no doubt, but when the crowd of PDP members crossed to APC, the foundation collapsed on principle, philosophy and ideals.

It became the assemblage of gangsters with very dissimilar interests. Men of personal ambitions, power mongers, and looters who quickly gathered to protect their personal interests.

Though the party could boast of some men of integrity, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, the inner circle of APC is rotten and it is a matter of time that the fake, plastic covering of the party would begin to ooze out stinking odour.

Even now, the party stinks with the ongoing legislative/executive row. A party that came with hope but failed to redeem it would definitely lose its trust. That is what has happened to APC.

Many of its members had lost trust in the party, especially with its stance on restructuring. The party came with an agenda of restructuring in its manifestoes towards the 2015 presidential election but it has since changed the rhythm, trying to redefine the meaning of restructuring.

As the drums of the 2019 general election begins to sound and with the renewed form of PDP, there are signs that those who ran to APC would find their way back to PDP.

Two years after their sojourn in APC, the story has not been palatable. It is laced with hatred, trials, power tussle and intolerance, it is a shaky podium and may soon crash.

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