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APC: Hypocrisy, Fraud That Is Called Integrity

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Nigeria News takes a look at APC, Buhari as the country goes to poll today.

The greatest dilemma of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and their supporters is that truth gives them a lot of discomfort.

It is a party of crafty elements that have no principle and easily change like a chameleon to suit their personal lives. How does one describe the Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai who once posited that President Muhammadu Buhari was a failure and dullard?

El-Rufai who has suddenly become the toughest disciple of Buhari said in 2011 that “Pa Muhammadu Buhari is the only Nigeria Senior Military officer that failed at all senior Military Examination in the history of Nigeria Military.

A retired military brass (names withheld) once described Buhari as very crafty in escaping all blames and punishment right from his youthful days in the military. He said that Buhari would always look around for circumstances or someone else to blame his fault on.

Sadly, the APC finds comfort in lies. Why? Because facing the uncountable faults, as well as the few successes it had recorded in the last four years, the party has cherished propaganda to force itself down the throat of Nigerians for second term.

APC has found it cheaper and easier to blame PDP for its ineptitude than taking outright responsibility for its actions. Its faults finding mechanism has naturally superseded the successes. The number of things the party failed at, or is bad at, or has automatically and dramatically outweighed its successes.

It is pathetic that many Nigerians have forgotten how long the military ruled and ruined Nigeria while General Mohamadu Buhari was at the centre of the various coups that hijacked the treasury of Nigeria.

When democracy was finally enthroned, PDP inherited a battered economy and dilapidated infrastructure. Today, it’s convenient and comforting to blame the rots in our system on PDP 16 years regime, which is an obvious exhibition of incurable foolishness.

If there’s need at all to blame anyone, President Buhari is right person to be blamed for the backwardness of Nigeria for truncating the civilian regime with guns.

Ask yourself what Buhari has got under his skull or brain to rule a nation that he boldly overthrew a democratically elected government of President Shehu Shagari in 1983.

The sad reality is that if you employ a driver base on the fact that you were told he can drive very well but the driver who is packed in deceit ended up driving you into the ditch, it’s because you were careless to have given your car key to an unknown enemy. Be careful of who leads you and to where and why otherwise, you will be killed before you become aware! Nigerians should be awake!

The barbaric CHANGE mantras were the package to deceive Nigerians and when it failed woefully, APC’s handlers immediately switched to NEXT LEVEL of agony and pain. Next Level of sorrow, Next Level of abject poverty and Islamization of Nigeria by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Tell APC and Buhari to stop asking you to trust them because you are still coughing up water from the manner they drown you with CHANGE mantra. Say NO to the continuation of Fulanis herdsmen onslaught and Islamization.

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