APC’s Loads of Challenges

Nigeria News takes a look at the challenges the APC will have to surmount before the 2019 general election.

The All Progressives Congress has loads of challenges ahead of the 2019 general elections. But the biggest ones are,

  1. Admission of perceived corrupt politicians, and
  1. Mode of selecting candidates for the elections.

APC members were the most vociferous in denigrating persons mentioned as having stolen public funds by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. When this was happening, it did not matter to the average APC sympathiser that such suspects have not been convicted by a court. A statement by the EFCC was enough.

Today, muted protests could be heard from the same quarters, saying the perceived big looters, who are relocating to APC from PDP are yet to be convicted. That is true. But you guys never mentioned that while they were in Peoples Democratic Party.

So, from me to you, it is like accepting the abuses with the same good faith you welcomed the looters!

On the APC primary, it appears that proponents of Internal Democracy have won, given the latest position by the party on the use of the direct primary option in choosing candidates from the myriads of aspirants jostling for various positions.

Direct Primary will help Nigeria’s young democracy grow. It will reduce the influence of money and also strengthen our party.

Of course, some party members are opposed to it. Once a harmonisation of membership register has been done after a fresh registration of members, there will be no much problem. We should just go the way of Direct Primary. It is the best.

If the State of Osun with its meagre resources can follow the Direct Primary route, no state should make any noise about it. But the problem now is that most APC governors, especially those who want to return for the second term and those who want to impose their stooge are not tilted towards direct primary.

They prefer delegate option in which money can easily be taken to the hotel rooms of the selected members to vote for an endorsed aspirant.

Using delegate option also include writing the result from their hotel rooms and announce it at the primary. Many of the governors if not all prefer the delegate option.

But the National Working Committee of the APC-led by the national chairman of the party, Adams Oshimhole is bent on using the direct primary option to choose the candidates.

At the weekend, the chairmen of APC across the 36 states met at Barcelona Hotel, Abuja to scuttle the plan of its NWC.

Disturbed by the meetings of the states’ chairmen, the NWC issued a statement barring the members from such gathering, saying it is against the APC constitution.

Signed by the acting National Publicity Secretary of the Party, Yekini Nabena, the NWC said in a statement that it had identified members behind the unlawful gathering and would ensure that they faced the consequence of their action.

The leadership of the APC must be very careful now that the deal with its members is not broken.

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