Are We Wining Or Losing The Battle Against Boko Haram?

Are We Wining Or Losing The Battle Against Boko Haram?

Nigeria News takes a look at the increasing crime rate of the Boko Haram insurgency and the efforts of the military to combat it.

The Boko Haram terrorist group has dealt a bigger blow to Nigeria in the last few weeks more that can be imagined despite the noise about winning the war against the insurgency.

The sect had abducted 110 pupils of the Government Girls Technical College and attacked a military base killing about 20 soldiers and officers. They also killed three United Nations aid workers.

To me, a degraded Boko Haram should not have got the ability to attack a military barracks. A technically defeated Boko Haram should NEVER have got the ability to slap the troops and drive an armoured personnel carrier among others away. Something is not adding up.

The killing of a major in any war of this kind is a very great loss. It is like losing 100 soldiers. It is not just Majors and their equivalents we are losing to Boko Haram, Lt. Cols are being killed. The cost of their training, loss of quality experience and loss of morale among fighting men is enormous. And, those being killed are not just normal officers – Special Forces officers being killed in quick succession call for introspection.

It appears the country is losing at present and one could easily deduce that Nigeria is yet to break the backbone of the terrorist group.

Nigeria has the men and women to clear Boko Haram out of every part of the North-East within one month. Unfortunately, it is businessmen Generals, who are in charge of our military.

The rank and file at the front spoke with their guns a while back. They sought to summarily ‘deal’ with a one-star General messing up the war efforts. What did they get in return? They were court-martialed. Some of the topmost members of our military have more ideas about business than fighting a war. That is the sad reality of today’s Nigeria.

In a normal clime, quality changes would have been made. Only capable hands would be allowed near Command positions. But quota system and godfatherism remain, even in the face of the loss of some of our best middle level officers and brave servicemen.

It is the same with our law enforcement agencies. An Inspector General of Police giving instructions to State Governors and lawmakers would have been kicked out of service unceremoniously in a normal clime.

The Nigerian Army, that shined like a million stars in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Somalia, remains in place. It is a leadership problem we have. And, until that is sorted out, Boko Haram will continue to have a free reign!

There is a need for President Muhammadu Buhari to act now. It is time to seriously shake up the Ministry of Defence. The current Minister of Defence should be kicked out. It should be same for the service chiefs. They have outlived their usefulness. The GOC of 7 Division should be redeployed or retired.

The president should as a matter of urgency set new goals for new men, that is if he would agree that the current ones have failed the country. Nigeria cannot carry on like this. Merry-making in Kano at a time like this does not make any sense at all. Buhari will need to change gear.

To me, once an officer is killed, the reprisals in taking the fight to the heart of the enemy heartland should be punitive enough not to try such nonsense, again. Get retired quality officers to back up those on the field. Get one of such officers with integrity to be the next Minister of Defence.

Above all, no service chief should be a businessman. Allow the current ones to go and manage their businesses. Nigeria is bleeding. We are being disgraced. It has to stop!

One could not but mourn Lt. Col. A.E Mamudu who lost his life to the dreaded Boko Haram.