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Arguments, Dreams On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

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Nigeria News takes a look at the traffic gridlock on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, the suffering and smiling of commuters.

Before I finally dozed off in the heavy traffic, the passengers had stolen my peace with their informal debate on the state of the nation.

The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway had been thrown into heavy traffic due to a fallen truck on Otedola Bridge.

“This Otedola Bridge again, a passenger had said with a long hiss.

Can you tune to Traffic FM, so that we can know how far,” another passenger told the driver who was busy listening to Faaji FM.

“LASTMA has not got there oo,” the driver echoed as he raised the volume of his car radio.

Then, the argument shifted from the gridlock and the container on the road to Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode.

“I learnt that the truck fell on Monday evening. Ha ha, it has not been removed till this morning. Ambode has stopped working,” a lady who had kept quiet since suddenly broke her silence.”

I lifted my head to see her face and our eyes met, she smiled. Suffering and smiling, Fela’s song flew into my head. I kept my peace as I lowered my heavy head on the seat to take a nap. Son of man had worked all night.

I had sent a WhatsApp message to my office about my predicament, stuck in the grandfather of all traffics along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The sleep took me out of the argument but in my dream, I heard the passenger arguing for and against Ambode.

If the APC had allowed Ambode for the second term, he would have removed this container a few minutes after it happened but the man has refused to work again, the voice of two passengers echoed in my brain just at the same time.

No, another passenger reacted swiftly, a good leader should have acted. Ambode does not need to punish the masses because he had lost a ticket.

How is this Ambode’s fault? “If our Federal Government has built a good rail system, containers will not be plying our roads and we will be safer. Let us blame the Federal Government because this is a federal road and an accident on it must be addressed by FERMA and Federal Road Safety Corps, another passenger said.

Ambode is battling to leave the position without any blemish now. The State House of Assembly wanted to impeach him until their godfather intervened.

Oh, you mean the Lion of Bourdilon,” the driver spoke with his baritone voice behind the wheel.

Yes, Bola Tinubu has asked the lawmakers to go and sit down. They cannot impeach Ambode again. The governor should work and stop putting us in traffic stress.

After about two hours between OPIC and Secretariat Bus Stop, a journey that should not take more than five minutes on a normal day, I woke from my sleep, very refreshed.

It was the news of Ambode presenting the 2019 budget on Tuesday, February 5, just about 11 days to the presidential election.

The governor eventually presented N852.13 billion Appropriation Bill to the assembly as against the N1 trillion he did last year. This has never happened in the most economically buoyant state in Nigeria.

It is clear that the governor has played safe as Lagosians await the assembly to pass the bill into law. This cannot solve Lagos-Ibadan gridlock anyway.

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