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As APC Demonetizes Political Campaign With ‘Tradermoni’

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Nigeria News takes a look at the APC’s systemic demonetization of the political campaign using a tradermoni method.

This time four years ago, hard currency had taken over Nigeria’s political space. Dollars and Naira in different denominations were flying across the country among politicians, their thugs and grassroots mobilisers.

This was prior to and during the 2015 presidential election. Only money could speak the language that the electorate would understand. Enough of lies, the voters echoed. Give us our own share now and eat the remaining national cake that was the lyric of the masses.

They sold their voters’ cards, their conscience and mortgaged the future of the coming generation. Elections were rigged before it took place. It was a do or die affair. Successive governments explored this method to perpetrate themselves in office. Money for money, dollar for dollar and Naira for Naira, the Nigerian political elites battled in their quest to conquer power.

However, things have changed four years after, masses trooped to campaign grounds without being monetarily induced. Perhaps because of the government in power, the All Progressives Congress has modernized vote-buying through the tradermoni.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has spearheaded this as he leads teams to market places to donate N10, 000 each to millions of lucky traders. To reciprocate this slavery gesture, the beneficiaries take time to grace the APC political rallies.

I am not privy to the formula being used by the Peoples Democratic Party but it also control some crowd at its rallies.

However, the joy of it all is that President Muhammadu Buhari has refused to open the treasury to assist his re-election campaign. For Nigerians abroad and others on Social Media, who have little or no idea about how bad things have become at the grassroots, it is time to pop champagne.

But those directly involved at the Ward and Local Government levels know they MUST prepare for the usual Stomach Infrastructure if that is not happening already. And it is not just towards the elections. The financial commitment on election day will be heavy, I dare say.

Why? It is the first time, in a very long time, that money is not flowing freely towards a general election. And many career politicians are not happy along with majority of the usual last level recipients. Yes, that is a plus for Buhari in his demonetisation of politics efforts, which appear to be a key aspect of the old man’s anti-corruption programme.

But how many governors will buy into it? I seriously doubt there’ll be any. But Buhari can still go further by working on the banks through the CBN. Heavy transactions towards election day and similar movements of cash should be seriously scrutinised. Transfers are not the usual way. It is raw cash, because ‘editing’ of what is meant for supporters will still be done by leaders, who often marry more wives and build extra houses shortly after elections.

Sharing of money at Polling Units should be discouraged while perpetrators can be picked up by the Police. The first set of beneficiaries will be the security agencies, especially the police. They will be settled for the purpose of either scaring voters away or snatching ballot boxes.

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