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As Cars Swim In Lagos Flood

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Nigeria News takes a look at the heavy rainfall in Lagos in the last three days.

What could have been a disaster turned to fun when the flood took over Victoria Island on Tuesday. The heavy downpour came early in the morning and subsided before noon. It created the ambient weather that could reduce workers productivity.

The roads were free and clean until a few minutes to the close of work. The sky went cloudy again and in a jiffy, water dropped ferociously from the clouds.

Water will always find its way. The blocked drains threw out its contents; loads of plastic bottles and garbage to the streets.

The flood drove to the roads and rose to about three feet above the ground as vehicles got stuck in it. It was the closing hours, workers trooped out to the streets. They defied the showers that had turned the roads to a flash of the river.

The “Suffering and smiling” lyrics of the Late Afro Music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti came to mind as stranded commuters walked in the flood to their various bus stops.

Men rolled their trousers up to their knees, women turned their long skirts to mini kilts while they hugged their shoes firmly from falling into the flood.

Some commuters quickly brought out their telephone handsets to take candid shots of Lagos residents swimming in the flood.

Instead of condemning the government for failing them, the Lagos residents take solace in the drama that goes on the road every day.

Of course, there was no reported case of any casualty in Tuesday flood, there is a need for the present administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to prevent future occurrence of flooding in the State.

Last year, commuters paddled a canoe on the Ahmadu Bello way due to flood. It is expected that the present government should be proactive enough to curb the flash flood in the State.

The drains on Lagos Island need urgent attention. They have been turned to a dumpsite. Whenever it rains, the water finds its way to the road because the drains have been blocked by debris.

Now that the idea of former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Vision Scape has been thrown out, one will expect strict enforcement of environmental sanitation by the PPP formula introduced by former Governor Babatunde Fashola.

The PPP should go beyond the house to house campaign, it should move to the nooks and crannies of Lagos streets where a large load of garbage is being thrown into the drains daily.

There is a new order within the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority. The LASTMA officials have a lot to do during this raining season.

With the increased vehicular traffic due to bad roads. The LASTMA officials must justify their salary increase by 100 percent by increasing their efficiency.

While this must be enforced, the State Public Work Bureau must not rest on its oars, it must ensure the repair of thousands of potholes on the roads, including open manholes, which need to be covered now so that children and residents do not fall inside it.

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