Atiku’s Selfless Or Selfish Ambition?

Atiku’s Selfless Or Selfish Ambition?

Nigeria News take a look at the presidential ambition of former Vice President Abubakar Atiku and his new found voice about the need to empower the youths


Former Vice President Abubakar Atiku officially defected to his former Peoples Democratic Party, PDP via facebook broadcast on Sunday and had since been welcome by the party National Caretaker Committee.


Atiku’s emphasis has been on creating an enabling environment for the youths of Nigeria to excel. To him, the youths have been alienated in governance and there is need to push them to the position of leadership.


As laudable as Atiku’s campaign may have sounded in the ears of some youths, the idea of giving leadership to youths does not sound tenable in a world where leadership and freedom are fought for and won by those who wanted power.


Freedom is not free anywhere and for Nigerian youths to lead, one does not expect an adult to fight for them. If truly Atiku wants youths in governance, let him sponsor those he had mentored since he joined politics about 25 years ago.


The former Governor of the old Oyo State and Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Late Chief Bola Ige was once asked by a reporter about what he would do if the military refused to quit the government.


He lampooned the reporter for asking such a question. He said, “You Nigerian youths are too submissive. We spent our youthful age to fight imperialism and gave you the free country that you have now, yet you want us to continue fighting.”


However, the argument of most youths is that without money, it would be difficult to break into Nigeria politics where electoral victory is determined by bags of money.


The political class have deliberately impoverished the youths so that they could control them and due to the high level of poverty only a few number of youths have shown interest in politics.

The youths who do legitimate business and have been able to make fortune are not ready to squander their hard-earned monies in politics.


Meanwhile, there are millions of youths roaming the streets of Nigeria without jobs and with no hope of a better future.


Atiku, no doubt is an experienced politician and his fresh calculation is cajoling the youths into believing that their future is bright with him as the next Nigerian president.


The former vice president said he had been in business before coming into politics and had used his business acumen to employ about 50, 000 youths in Adamawa state and also empowered another 250, 000.


He stated that he actually moved the idea of GSM as the vice president in 1999, which as at today had connected over 100 million Nigerians to the rest of the world.


Atiku is 71 and he so much believes in his capacity to change Nigeria for the better. He is sure that he would beat the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 presidential poll.


However, Atiku would not get the PDP ticket on a platter of gold, he would have the Chairman of the party National Caretaker Committee, Senator Ahmed Makarfi to contend with.

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