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Badoo: How Landlord Connived With Cults To Kill Tenants In Ikorodu

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Facts emerged on Monday at Ogun State Police Command, Eleweran when a landlord confessed that he actually connived with Badoo boys to kill his tenants.

He told the police that the Badoo cultists paid him N5 million to allow them entrance into the apartment of a family of five who were sleeping at the time.

The man, a landlord in Iruwen Community, in Ikorodu said that his wife actually saw the Badoo boys when they came and wanted to raise the alarm but he stopped her from shouting.

He told the police that he later pointed the apartment of the tenants to the cultists who entered and killed the father, mother and three children in their sleep.

The deceased were fishermen. They hailed from Igede, Benue State but were killed in cold blood by the Badoo boys in Ikorodu Lagos.

The landlord said that the Badoo boys paid him twice. “They paid me N2.5 million before the operation and a balance of N2.5 million after the operation.

One of the landlords in the area who attended the burial of the victims in Benue said that a brother to the deceased husband was a retired police officer.

“The retire police officer actually called the Lagos police that he would like to investigate the killings by himself. He came to the community with some detectives. They discovered grinding stone at the scene of the killings and found out that the landlord must have been involved,” he said.

The landlord was later arrested by the police and since confessed how he took N5 million for the lives of his tenants.

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