Bash Ali Discharged from Hospital

Bash Ali Discharged from Hospital

60-year-old Nigerian boxer, who is trying to enter the record books as the oldest boxer to win a title has just been discharged in the National Hospital Abuja where he was being treated for injuries allegedly sustained from an attack he said was carried out on him by policemen attached to Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung.

The controversial Bash Ali who is in one altercation or the other claimed he was attacked by the policemen after he demanded to see the sports minister.

Ali claimed that he was beaten black and blue by the security attachés to the minister as he was hit on the head with the butt of a rifle and lost consciousness after he was kicked in the ribs.

His statement was however denied by Nneka Ikem, the Personal Assistant to the Sports Minister who said that Bash Ali barricaded the entrance to the office of the Minister with the men who accompanied him.

He was obviously piqued that an ambassador was allowed to go in and see the Minister while he, who came earlier was not allowed to see Dalung.

While she didn’t state what happened thereafter, it can be deduced from her statement that the security team would have done whatever they deemed fit to take him out of the premises.

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