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Bayelsa/Kogi Polls: It Is Victory For Money And Violence

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ElevateNews takes a look at the use of money and violence as the only strategy the political parties now use to win an election.

Nothing should have made the “Kogites” to vote for a governor who failed to pay workers’ salaries, yet the results of the last Saturday polls showed that Yahaya Bello has won.

He used two materials to gather his votes and these include State funds and violence. It is a victory for the All Progressives Congress against the Peoples Democratic Party and its candidate, Musa Wada.

Both parties deployed violence, using political thugs as agents of electoral rigging and money sharing. As usual, the poor electorate rushed to the biggest bait. They just ate the food that cannot quench their hunger for the next four years.

Not that the PDP is better but the Kogites, I mean the people of Kogi State had to choose between two bad options and they had preferred the former path. The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.

The APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole is in jubilant mood. Why not, his party’s method of violence and voter’s inducement worked better than that of PDP.

What can the INEC do, nothing but to just watch the drama at polling booths and collate the ballots, no matter what the outcome is.

In Bayelsa, APC and its candidate David Lyon won “fairly” and fiercely too. It was money for money, violence for violence.

The State Governor, Seriake Dickson, a PDP kingmaker failed to return his anointed candidate, Douye Diri perhaps because of his own bad behaviour.

Investigation revealed that the governor is tight-fisted and this could not help his candidate against the kind-hearted Lyon, an oil magnate chosen by the APC to break the backbone of PDP in Bayelsa.

I knew the day former President Goodluck Jonathan visited President Muhammadu Buhari that Dickson just lost a friend to Lyon, who is now a new tenant at the Bayelsa State House.

Who could ever think that the Minister of State for Petroleum, Timipre Silva would be in the same camp with Jonathan of PDP who worked for APC so that Lyon could win?

It was Jonathan and Dickson that removed Silva as governor and chased him away with EFCC but today the table has turned against Dickson.

We learnt that the governor cried out, calling for the cancellation of the election results in some local government areas just as Silva did about four years ago. That is the culture of a typical Nigerian politician. He hardly accepts defeat even when it is obvious that he had lost.

He will go to court only to lose again. The devil has a way of taking what he has given him through litigation. And for Nigeria judiciary, this is the best time for lawyers to “chop”. They counsel their clients not because they have a good case but because they need some money.

Who are the electorate self? Political thugs and their politicians themselves. Most Nigerians do not go out to vote due to violence that has always come with an election. It is the card-carrying members of the political parties that troop out to perpetrate electoral fraud.

The most violent wins.

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