Before Flood Will Sack Nigeria

Nigeria News takes a look at the impending flood as rains continue to drop in many parts of the country.

I hope the Federal Government will release some ecological funds to prevent the impending flood in about 12 states in Nigeria.

The funds came late about six years ago when parts of Lagos and Ogun States were submerged as a result of flooding that took place then. And before it happened in 2012, the National Emergency Management Agency noticed that the water level in Lokoja, Kogi State had risen and warned about the flooding, which eventually swept hundreds of settlements and billion naira properties away.

Two days ago, NEMA has raised the alarm again that the water level in Lokoja had risen to 9.89 level with a discharge of 326. Whenever the water level rises in Lokoja, the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue, there is a high tendency that flood will take place in Kwara, Niger, Kebbi, Kogi, Delta, Anambra, Rivers, Edo and Bayelsa.

It will also affect Taraba, Adamawa and Benue. However, the flood may also affect Lagos and Ogun states because of the incessant rainfall, which of course may make Ogun/Osun River Basin open the Oyan Dam.

It has been wet in the last five days and the water level has continued to rise. Towards the end of the year, as it has always done whenever there is a high volume of water in the dam, the Ogun/Osun River Basin will open the dam.

Lagos State Government has called on residents that have their house close to river banks to relocate as there are indications that flood may occur.

The present Lagos government has failed in the area of waste control. Residents throw waste into open drains to block the flow of water. On Victoria Island, residents and motorists complain due to the flash flood that has been consistent in the last five days.

There is panic in boundary towns of Lagos and Ogun states that the Oyan Dam may be opened soon. In 2012, no fewer than 200 houses at Mile 12, Ikorodu Road of Lagos were submerged in the flood.

The former President Goodluck Jonathan visited the affected area and promised a yearly approval of ecological funds to the state government to battle the flood problem.

The flood, spread from Ogun River, through Ikorodu to places like Warewa, Magboro, Ibafo, Mowe in 2012, making some residents to relocate.

Some companies along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway were sacked by the flood. The popular Kara Market in Isheri was submerged. Business activities were paralysed.

The sky still looks misty and cloudy, it looks like the rain will fall again, so sings the legendary Reggae icon, Majek Fashek.

For farmers, the heavy downpour is a blessing but for many residents, this is the time to relocate as indices point towards flooding.

It is time pupils are preparing to return to school after a long holiday but what is growing in the minds of some parents now is how flood will not sack them from their homes. Governments at all levels must quickly rise to this impending disaster.

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