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Ben Bruce’s Noise About Electric Car

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Nigeria News takes a look at the bill on electric car sponsored by Senator Ben Murray-Bruce.

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, representing Bayelsa East is not silent despite that his bill on the electric car was thrown out at the Senate.

He is acting as the face electric car in Nigeria at present. A video of him driving and popularizing electric car is in the social media.

In the video, Ben Bruce castigated his colleagues at the Senate, saying that they were not ready to move with the modern trend. As he put it, “My colleagues at the Senate are moving in the opposition direction.”

Ben Bruce had advocated for the abolishment of gasoline and diesel vehicles to give way to electric cars in Nigeria but his bill was thrown out at the speed of light.

In his submission, the former President of the Senate, David Mark said that no matter how good an electric cars can be, it must pass through a gestation period in which it will naturally ease out the present gasoline and diesel engine cars without any legislation.

Mark argued his presentation using the primordial mode of transportation that began with riding on Carmel and horses. He noted that before the advent of cars, the world rode on horse and carts, bicycle and motorcycle.

In those days, the trains were powered by coal energy and as technology improved, new types of engines were developed to power the vehicles.

Before now, the world rode on the manual engine but today, it is automatic, yet there are still manual vehicles on the road. The manual engine cars naturally fade away, even though it is still being manufactured around the world.

In Ben Bruce’s video, the Senator parked at a thermal station to charge the car, using solar energy. With 100 per cent charged, according to him, the vehicle will go 150 Kilometre.

But the Senator has failed to tell Nigerians how many solar stations are in the country now. Perhaps he will need an elementary lesson on economics that the electric car is not meant for a country where there is no electricity infrastructure.

Thrice this year, the country national electric grid has fallen, throwing the nation into total darkness. At no time has Nigeria been able to generate 10, 000 megawatts of the electricity power.

Did Ben Bruce put into consideration the cost of charging a car, using solar energy or does he want Nigerians to charge the car with a generator?

While I think it is not yet time to discard gasoline car, there is no law that will also restrict an electric car from plying the roads. Ben Bruce and many of his kinds can go ahead to ride their electric cars in as much as they have the capability and capacity to use it.

Other Nigerians will definitely embrace the new automobile technology as time goes on but this will never stop the lover of gasoline cars from riding on Nigeria roads.

Of course, the electric car is the way to go now in the world, Nigeria will need to solve the problem of inadequate electric power before embracing the new auto sense in town.

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