Benue As A Slaughter Slab For Herdsmen

Nigeria News takes a look at the continuous carnage by herdsmen in Benue.


The Benue State Government is planning another mass burial, making the third time in about three months. The villages of the Tivs have been under Fulani herdsmen attacks but with no solace coming from anywhere.


Governor Samuel Ortom was in Abuja alongside other governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC) governors to discuss the issue of security with President Muhammadu Buhari three days ago, it does not look like the Federal Government has gotten a perfect idea of how to stop the herdsmen killings.


On Wednesday, the House of Representatives summoned President Muhammadu Buhari to appear so as to address it over the unabated killings by herdsmen in some parts of the country.


The Senate also summoned the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris so that he could address the plenary on the incessant killings and growing crime rate across the country. Idris has been busier about the arrest of Senator Dino Melaye while Benue has been under serious attacks by herdsmen.


There are nationalists in Benue of course whose voices have not been loud enough against the carnage that is happening in the food basket of the nation.


God has no business with people who cannot stand up for what they believe in. The former President of the Senate, David Mark is a retired officer of the Nigerian Army. Benue State still has sons and daughters in the military. Even the Governor can lead a militia. Once they decide to defend themselves against marauders, one million herdsmen cannot stop them.


The other day, a militia put together by Mr Governor to defend the land was busted by the military, which falsely accused them of being marauders. Ortom kept quiet. Mark did not utter a word. If Mr Governor meant business from Day One, not one of the militia will be arrested by anybody.


Arrest one, and you’ll have to arrest the Governor because he will be in the front leading them. Unlike the Ekiti State Governor Mr Ayodele Fayose who did not hide behind a finger when he set up the hunters and others in Ekiti to defend his people, Ortom and other Benue leaders have been a bit docile.


Taraba State did not even go public like Ekiti in arranging a defensive line. There were shouts all over the place that many were killed. They conveniently forgot that others were slaughtered earlier. The Government and the people did the needful. And Abuja had no choice than to step in, practically begging for peace, when they should have acted to stop the reprisal earlier. But because those slaughtered were not humans, they were not bothered.


It is doubtful if those being slaughtered regularly in Zamfara are humans too. But they will become humans when their people get enough backbone to organise swift and merciless reprisals. From Kwara State through Oyo State, poor and old farmers were regularly slaughtered like farm animals. All entreaties to Abuja to assist in stopping the killings fell on deaf ears until the kins of the animals being killed became humans and measured out the same treatment to those killing them. Immediately, Buhari led a delegation of Miyetti Allah to Ibadan protesting to Lam Adesina that human beings were being killed.


In Benue State, they are just playing politics with the lives of Benue people. Freedom is not served a la carte. You fight for it. If they stand up to these terrorists, you’ll see a new face in Abuja. If they cannot stand up for themselves and expect others from far away to come and defend them, they remain jokers of the highest order.

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