Benue Killings: 150 Suspects Arrested So Far – IG

Benue Killings: 150 Suspects Arrested So Far - IG

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris has said that 150 suspects in the herdsmen attack of Benue State have been arrested while 120 of them have been charged to court.


He told the Senate committee on Friday as he attributed the killings to the implementation of anti-open grazing law made by the state government.


Idris who was supposed to have appeared before now was summoned and given 14-day-ultimatum by the Senate to find a lasting solution to the killings in some parts of the country.


When Idris finally appeared on Friday with some journalists, the Senate committee asked the reporters to excuse it in the two-hour-closed door probing.


Idris said at the meeting that one of the ways to stop the hostilities in Benue is for the state Governor Samuel Ortom to stop the anti-grazing law pending the establishment of ranches for herdsmen across the country.


However, Ortom had said that the law and its implementation had come to stay. He explained that in a Federal system, the state has every right to make the law to protect its residents and whosoever that would not abide by the rules should leave.


No fewer than 72 persons, including, women and children were killed in Benue on January 1, by herdsmen.

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