Benue Leader Threatens To Raise Militia To Fight Herdsmen

Benue Leader Threatens To Raise Militia To Fight Herdsmen

A leader of the Tiv nation and the chairman of the Northern Elders Forum, Wantaregh Unongo has threatened that the ethnic group may raise a militia to defend its people against the herdsmen.


He said this as Benue State Government buried 73 bodies of innocent residents that were killed by the Fulani herdsmen on January 1 and 2, this year.


He said, “If President Muhammadu Buhari will not be able to protect us from the brutality of the herdsmen, we will raise an army and train them to protect our people.”


Unongo stated that the Benue people sacrificed a lot to bring the current administration into power but what they got was the attacks from Fulani herdsmen who regularly invaded the land to kill and maim their children, wives and husbands.


He recalled that many of Benue children served in Nigerian Army to keep the unity of Nigeria, adding, ‘They shed their blood to ensure there is peace in this country, yet the herdsmen have deprived them of the peace.”


He said, “I am telling Nigerians that my people cannot continue to be cannon fodder for this country. If the government can’t protect us, we will mobilise and train our people into an army to defend us.”

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