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Best 5 Bulk SMS Service Providers In Nigeria

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The presence of internet has made it possible to offer different services and products on the internet. Globally, organizations and individuals offer numerous products and services on the internet, in which Bulk SMS service is one of the services rendered in Nigeria via the internet.


Bulk SMS service entails sending messages through bulk SMS platform with a customized sender ID to a large number of telephone numbers. Bulk SMS service remains the fastest, most efficient, reliable and cheapest means of communication.


There are so many bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria. Majority of the bulk SMS websites have similar features. The common features include: compose SMS to send a message immediately, scheduled messaging which allows specifying a particular time you want the message to be sent, customization of the sender name, phonebook to manage the phone numbers, message history to see sent messages, etc.


The major difference between the bulk SMS websites is pricing. Majority of them also offer the opportunity to create a re-seller website which you can also use to sell bulk SMS at a profit on your own website. Payments are made for bulk SMS on these websites via VISA card, Mastercard and verve card. These sites also accept payments through an ATM. The payment options use most on these bulk SMS platforms are cash deposits and different forms of transfer.


Here are the best 5 bulk SMS Nigeria service providers as of June 2018.

  1. SmsMobile24.Com
  2. GoldSMS247.Com
  3. Cheapestbulksmsinnigeria.com
  4. BulkSMSinNigeria247.Com
  5. Cheapestbulksmsinnigeria247.com

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