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Between Buhari’s ‘Hailers’ And The Wailers

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ElevateNews takes a look at the hailers and wailers in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

Each time I feel like cracking my ribs a bit, I visit the Facebook walls of the supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari. Here, I also meet the wailers too whose comments are so critical of the government and the president.

It is not really their attacks and defenses of Mr. President that always make me laugh but the vituperation against themselves.

Both the hailers and the wailers have shallow knowledge about the running of this country, yet they attack and defend every issue as it trends online.

However, one can deduce that most wailers do criticise the government because they are feeling the pains of the current economic depression.

Surprisingly, many of the hailers too, feel the pains but they prefer to live with those pains than compromising their stands as true “Buharideens”.

No doubt, this government has done its bit, which to the wailers is below expectation. Nigerians have the rights to censor this administration, especially in the area of security. Things have gone so bad now that one could hardly differentiate between a Boko Haram terrorist and a bandit.

The wailers capitalise on every negative story to hit the government while the hailers celebrate the efforts of the government even when the leadership has failed to address the many problems.

One of the hailers once said that Buhari does need to know him for supporting his government. That is the fact because most of those who cry, “Sai Baba” mostly in the North only love the president not because of his performance but because of his simple life.

Buhari’s pretense to be a man of the masses is being unfolding daily by the ostentatious lives his children are living. He doesn’t even know millions of his admirers all over the country who are supporting his cause with total passion and unalloyed loyalty. He didn’t pay them for supporting him. He didn’t buy them like the other camp which belongs to the wailers, does to their followers.

Another hailer wrote, “Buhari enjoys people’s support based on his style of governance which doesn’t align with the orientation of brazen thieving and looting our treasury which is the hallmark of most Nigerians, especially the opposition and the wailing wailers.

Our support for Buhari is borne out of uncommon patriotism and passion to see the country be rescued from political merchants of corruption and corrupt practices, who in the real sense put us in this mess but who ironically are carrying placards, protesting with a view to pretend as saints.

Here a wailer, “This is the worst president ever because his administration has been hijacked by cabals. Fighting corruption is different from recovering loots. He has failed in all sectors, including economy and security. Buhari’s government has caged all other arms of government. The judiciary and legislative arms have been coerced to work for Mr. President and yet we call this democracy.

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