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Between Lagos Bus And Passenger’s Umbrella

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Nigeria News takes a look at the state of commercial buses in Lagos during the rainy season.

Mondaymorning shower kept some Lagos workers at home excluding those who must be inoffice before 8am. Coming out of Magboro Ogun State to join Lagos road wasrough. The untarred streets were already flooded as the rain droppedconsistently.

Lagos public schools also resumed fully on this raining day. The pupils hid under the sheds along the roads, waiting for buses to convey them. But the rain would not subside, it persisted for hours. Expectedly, the commercial motorcycle operators spend more time indoor when it rains in Lagos.

Nobody can force these northerners who have taken over the “Okada” operation in Ogun and Lagos suburbs to dare the rain, they sleep whenever it rains.

And for the commercial buses who ply this route, the rainy season is a period to make more money. They increase their transport fare to convey stranded commuters.

But thebiggest challenge for commuters during the rain is the bad condition of thecommercial buses that ply the road. Many of the buses do not have windows,their doors are bad, and the windscreen is not always in good condition.

So when itrains, the passengers get drenched before arriving their destinations. They paymore transport fare with so much discomfort riding in a decrepit bus.

Interestingly, a few numbers of passengers board buses with their umbrellas when it rains. It becomes more interesting that some passengers open up their umbrellas inside the bus to prevent the rain from touching them.

Using an umbrella inside a bus is unbelievable but it happened on Monday when the downpour was heavy. The bus had no window. The rain dropped directly into the bus as passengers raised curses on the driver and his conductor.

Everybodywas soaked. The driver could only offer some rags of nylon for the passengersto cover the window. It never worked. A passenger brought out her umbrella andin a jiffy, she opened it to block the direction of the wind.

“Suffering and smiling”, the angry passengers suddenly burst into laughter. Umbrella inside a bus. It prevented the wind a bit but did not dry the already soaked clothes of the passengers.

Lagos commercial drivers hardly take care of their vehicles. They prefer to bribe traffic law enforcement agents each time they are apprehended to repair the vehicles.

Lagos State Government inaugurated some buses a few months ago. These are executive buses but it is not enough to service millions of commuters who ply Lagos roads daily.

A few days after he was inaugurated, the State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu presented some of the newly acquired buses to the civil servants. To a larger extent, this has solved the problem of the civil servants but for those who work in private firms, there is still a lot to be done.

It is not that those who drive their cars to the office daily find it convenient in the traffic but because of the bad condition of many of the commercial buses.

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