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Between Miyetti Allah and Killer Herdsmen

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Nigeria News takes a look at the silence of Miyetti Allah over allegation against the killer herdsmen.

The new narrative is that some criminals are disguising as herdsmen to perpetrate evils across the country. The ruling All Progressives Congress and its supporters are of the view that the noise about the criminality of herdsmen is political and that bandits now use the name of herders to kidnap and cause chaos on the country.

Yet, this government has been sitting at a round table to dialogue with the Miyetti Allah, the umbrella body of the Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria to know their grievances and how it can be resolved.

There is no doubt that bandits have infiltrated the herders to commit a crime but this has possible because the government has failed to nip in the bud the criminal activities of the nomadic herdsmen from the onset.

It all began as farmers/herders clash and now it has degenerated to outright killing and kidnapping of innocent citizens who have never tended crops.

Major roads and footpaths across the country have suddenly become hiding places for kidnappers. Nowhere is safe as the noise about herders grows louder.

The Miyetti Allah once owned up that its members had a series of the communal clash with farmers in which they also suffered quite a number of casualties but on the kidnapping, the group had denied severally.

This is the time I think the Miyetti Allah comes out to join in the fight against kidnapping and killings of innocent people if truly its members are not involved in this ongoing crime.

It is blackmailing to claim that every kidnapping that is happening now in the southwest is committed by herdsmen but the recent reports by rescued captives have pointed towards the nomadic herdsmen as the major perpetrators.

The herders, according to investigations have mastered the routes in the tropical rain forest because it is the grazing path for their cattle. They know the forest more than the local farmers and now use this advantage against the residents and travelers. They kidnap and drive their captives to the remotest part of the woods to bargain for ransom.

From the findings, the police are culpable in the present insecurity. The kidnappers have informants and their mode of operation is so dangerous. They shoot at the moving vehicle to abduct and will not mind killing the occupant if the vehicle refuses to stop.

We witnessed the mode of operation of kidnappers that rocked South-south and Southeast in the past. They hardly shot at vehicles. They acted more like professional kidnappers who did it for ransom but the current set of kidnappers, according to reports feel hated and seek vengeance.

They kill at will. A very good example was the murder of Mrs Funke Olakunrin, daughter of Afenifere Leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti. Her car was waylaid along Ondo-Ore Road and riddled with bullets. She died in the shooting while the perpetrators were identified as herders.

But the new narrative is that the kidnappers are not herdsmen. Let the Miyetti Allah fish them to exonerate its members.

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