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Between Our Governors’ Wives And Mistresses

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Nigeria News takes a look at the recent induction for the incoming and returning governors.

Hope the induction for the incoming and returning governors across the 36 states touched on how to take care of their mistresses too?

A journalist friend had asked jokingly as we all burst into laughter. These days, the governors are much careful. The reckless lawmakers too are becoming more careful now with “Ashawo”, prostitutes.

Social Media is a big problem for the politicians now. If they have their ways, they may stop this big breakthrough that is daily exposing their atrocities to the members of the public.

The latesage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo became a celibate at his young age. It was gatheredthat the politician stopped seeing his wife at the other room in his 40s. Hewas so disciplined that the women of easy virtue stood far away from him.

Of course,some of Awolowo’s disciples had extra-marital affairs, the late politicianstood tall when it came to integrity. Those were the period of still and boxcamera.

Today, the internet has globalized politics and business. It has become more difficult for public officials to go away with infamous activity, including infidelity.

Trained and untrained journalists infiltrate the privacy of these public servants. They reveal their wives, children and mistresses. They write about their sexual escapades to make huge sales.

Nigerian journalists have been so lenient on this even though there are damaging scoops to nail these politicians to the cross.

There is money in Nigeria and within the political setting. Estacodes that can set up conglomerates, security votes for governors that is so huge to build quality hospitals.

These arewhat come into the pockets of an average Nigerian politician. As a matter offact, some governors fuel crisis so that their security votes could be jerkedup, this is according to the Acting Chairman of the Economic and FinancialCrimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu.

Thereturning governors had learnt about this a few months after they weresworn-in. The incoming governors will soon learn this antics. This is wherethey get money for pleasure. Investigation revealed that some governors,senators import dignified prostitutes into the country.

Some travelout to unwind with the exhibitionists where they squander the country’s oilmoney and taxes in the guise of security funds and estacode.

Were these coming governors tutored about the new order? That Nigeria public space is agitated and irritated by their ostentatious life. That those monies being wasted on frivolity could be diverted to building good schools, establishing a quality hospital, releasing as research grants.

And if itmust be spent on mistresses, were the returning and incoming governors lecturedon how to channel these funds to the office of their wives to alleviate povertyof the growing population of poor people?

They ought to be reminded that a group, called Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials was inaugurated sometime by the wife of the state former Governor, Senator Oluremi Tinubu to help the government and that COWLSO has become a model for all States.

Let the coming governors look at their wives as a channel with which they can alleviate poverty by supporting their programs instead of making mistresses.

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