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Biafra Agitation And Its Inundated Challenges

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Events in the last two days, as reported in Nigeria News, have seen a sharp deviation in the thoughts of major interest groups in Nigeria’s polity.

The agitation for Biafra Republic by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB is gradually waning with the silent drum of war and being replaced with dialogues in high places.

Perhaps this has come as a result of disagreement between the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance in Anambra State.

Kanu had tested his popularity with the sit at home order in the South-east recently and undoubtedly, many traders had obeyed his call with almost 100 per cent compliance.

The IPOB leader however pushed his luck further two days ago when he asked residents of Anambra to boycott the coming governorship election.

However, he met a brick wall as the party stood against his call, urging him to drop his idea of separatism and embrace self-determination agenda that Nigerians of Igbo extraction had been clamouring for over the years.

Though Kanu had earlier posited that his calling for Biafra Republic should not be seen as a call for war, adding that he is leading a self-determination agenda.

To him, most Nigerians misunderstand the aim of IPOB, adding that it is not to start another civil war but to find a way which the Igbo of the South-east would rule itself without depending on the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Kanu was arrested and confined by the government for months for making seditious statements capable of breaking the country.

He regained his freedom through court process but with stringent conditions not to organize protest or associate with more than 10 people at a time.

This is coming almost two weeks that the coalition of Arewa Youths organization issued quit order to Igbo resident in the 19 northern states to leave the region before October 1 or face physical attack.

The northern youths insisted that the Nigerians of Igbo extraction must leave and that the quit notice was issue to help the Southeastern people actualize its agitation to secede.

However, the quit notice became a serious point of public debate as the Igbos who had established themselves in the north, economically berated the decision of the northern youths.

Besides the peace talk that the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo had embarked on in the last two weeks since the quit notice was issued, leaders of thoughts, politicians had continued to find ways to resolve the threat order before it would aggravate to crisis.

Osinbajo berated the hate speeches from some aggrieved citizens, stating that the Federal Government would take the position of the law against anybody who make hate speech to break up the country.

He emphasized on the plan of the government to meet all agitators and provide a better way to resolve the looming chaos.

The Sultan of Sokoto Sa’ad Abubakar III also spoke loud on this as he urged all agitators and those making hate speech to stop it and come together to forge a united Nigeria in peace and harmony.

To him, the various agitation is a consequence of the rot in the land. He said that nobody would agitate for secession if the country’s economy is good but because the nation had passed through misrules where nobody was held accountable, the agitation became the order of the day.

In his comment, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike during his visit to Sultan of Sokoto said that the people of Rivers believed in one Nigeria and would never do anything to cause its breakup.

He described Sultan as a bridge builder who had always found a way to keep the unity of the country, adding that he had only visited the monarch to reciprocate his visit to Port Harcourt during one of his peace tours.

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