Bill Gates’ “Microsoft” Truth To Buhari

Bill Gates’ “Microsoft” Truth To Buhari

Nigeria News takes a look at the visit of Bill Gates to Nigeria and his advise to President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.


The Microsoft Chief Executive, Bill Gates was in Abuja, Nigeria this week where he signed the agreement with five governors on how to immunize children in the north.


He was with the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote and possibly he may attend Dangote’s Daughter’s wedding in Lagos at the weekend.


However, Gates did not shred his words on Nigeria’s economy. He was blunt to tell the Federal Government that this present administration was not addressing the needs of the people.


I’m very sure that Gates would have discussed this with Dangote before he publicly told President Muhammadu Buhari.


He urged the government to invest in education and health, saying that Nigeria is the worst place to give birth to a baby.


If Gates is wrong, perhaps because he does not live in Nigeria and has only depended on reports, Mrs Aisha Buhari cannot be wrong.


President Buhari’s wife cried out a few months ago that the Aso Rock Clinic lacked syringe. The first lady had to quickly visit a private hospital in the Federal Capital Territory to take X-Ray for an undisclosed ailment.


The maternal mortality rate is very high in the north due to lack of quality health services. Nigerian Government, including successive administrations, have never met the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s budget standard for education.


It is put at 16 percent of the country’s budget but the highest Nigeria ever done was 11 percent with less than six percent of the funds actually released to the Ministry of Education.


What are the actual needs of the people? Of course quality health service at affordable cost; access to quality education; provision of foods at cheap prices; job opportunity and quality infrastructure to do business.


The government is undoubtedly addressing infrastructural deficit with the building of roads and railway. The power generation has also increased to about 7, 000 megawatts.


However, there is increasing rate of unemployment despite the government’s policy on job creation. The economic diversification policy has not really reduced the rate of unemployment.


There are millions of Nigerian graduates roaming the streets of Nigeria seeking what to do. Many are ready to create jobs of their own but they lack the capital to start.


The noise about anti-corruption is louder than what the country has so far gained from it. Billion naira of looted funds had been recovered by this administration but it has not reflected in the standard of living of average citizen.


At present, the minimum wage of a Nigeria stands at N18, 000, yet a senator’s salary and allowance are N13.5 million monthly. These are what should be addressed. Nigerians will love a government that will make political office less attractive by cutting the salary and allowance of political office holders and increase the wages of workers who are the real human resources to improve this country.


This will not only improve the lives of Nigerians but it will curb corruption in the civil service and private organizations.


Hope the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina will not describe Bill Gates as a wailing wailer with this Microsoft words.

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