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Boko Haram Insurgents Slaughter 6 Villagers in Borno

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No less than six residents of Kijimatari, a village in northeast Borno state were slaughtered Early Wednesday by Boko Haram insurgents.


One of the vigilante members in the area told AFP, adding that the terrorists evaded the military checkpoint in the area to gain access to the place.


He said that the jihadists entered into the residence of the six and slit their throats at about 2am.


Those that were killed included the traditional chief of the community,” the militia, anti-Jihadist said.


According to the Head of a Local Anti-Jihadist Militia Force, Ibrahim Liman, the terrorists were about nine in number.


In his account, one of the villagers, Mr. Kulo Musa said that the attackers were able to succeed in their operation because they did not use gun but knives to cut their victims.


Investigation showed that the insurgents may have been on reprisal attack, following the arrest of two of their members by the military about two months ago.


“We believe the attackers suspected the six people they killed of tipping off the military which led to the arrest of the two Boko Haram fighters,” he said.

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