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Breaking News: Aisha Alhassan Officially Resigns Today

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The former Minister, Aisha Alhassan thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for the opportunity to serve. She stated this in her letter to the President dated Saturday, 29 September 2018.

Alhassan recalled how she was duly screened and cleared before her appointment and how she also informed the President of her willingness in contesting for the Taraba governorship seat.

She stated that all through her sojourn up to the collection of form and mobilisation for the Presidential and Gubernatorial primaries, she kept the President Buhari in the know.

Alhassan explained that she was disqualified by the APC from contesting the governorship seat and more troubled when no reason was given.

She said it would be out of place for her to remain as a Minister in the government when the party that formed the government does not find her qualified to be a governor.

According to Alhassan, in her letter, she claimed she felt betrayed and let down by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

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