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Buhari In The Eyes of Obasanjo And Trump

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Nigeria News takes a look at the bluntness of two leaders, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo and US President Donald Trump in their advice to President Muhammadu Buhari.


King David in the Holy Bible wrote how God spoke to him once and he heard twice – Psalms 62 verse 11.


Two leaders have spoken to President Muhammadu Buhari and have offered their advice. Both leaders are blunt in their approach. Some of their comments are similar, except on the 2019 election in Nigeria.


While former President Olusegun Obasanjo would not want Buhari to return in 2019, President Donald Trump of the United States of America is less concerned about who leads Nigeria in the next four years.


Before Trump and Buhari met in Washington DC a few days ago, it was clear that issues of security and economy would lead their discussion, which of course had been raised by Obasanjo in his latest letter.


Perhaps, Obasanjo’s advice would have been embraced by Buhari but the clause over 2019 presidential hit the president below the belt.


Buhari had kept mute for a long time until he had an interview with the Voice of America in Washington DC where he described Obasanjo’s letter as abusive.


Of course, Buhari sees the sincerity in Trump’s advice just because the US president did not discuss his ambition for 2019 and used the opportunity to nail his former boss, Obasanjo.


Recalled that Obasanjo had to tear his Peoples Democratic Party’s membership card to throw his weight behind Buhari’s election. Will it amount to a crime if Obasanjo chooses not to believe in Buhari’s style of leadership anymore?


Today, Obasanjo’s advice sounds abusive but about three years ago, his words were gregarious because it helped Buhari’s ambition.


The pertinent issues raised by Obasanjo came up in Washington when Trump asked Buhari to go and put his country in order, adding that the US would not accept the killings of Muslims and Christians.


Barely three days that Trump and Buhari met, had the report that Obasanjo had made a U-turn to support Buhari gone viral but the ex-president to deny it all.


He described the purported report as fallacies, adding that he would never support Buhari for the second term in office. He noted that the Buhari’s government showed a high level of mediocrity that even a moron could see the poor performance of the present administration.


According to Obasanjo, President Buhari had failed to use the opportunity of meeting Trump to redeem his integrity. He noted that American helping Nigeria in agriculture is an avenue to export American produce to Nigeria, but not really an economic policy to develop the sector.


Now that the US government has reiterated its commitment to Nigeria’s security, with the sales of fighter jets to the country, one will expect that the criminality of the herdsmen will be quickly addressed.


Will Buhari listen to Trump or revisit Obasanjo’s letter? Either way, both leaders have spoken almost in the same vein. Before Trump is described as a wailing wailer like Obasanjo and before the campaign for 2019 begins, Nigerians want killings to stop.

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