Buhari Nails Nigerian Youths, 33 Years Ago He Also Described Nigerians As “Useless, Senseless and Indiscipline”.

Buhari Nails Nigerian Youths, 33 Years Ago He Also Described Nigerians As “Useless, Senseless and Indiscipline”.

Nigeria News takes a look at the President Muhammadu Buhari’s statement at the Commonwealth Business Forum on Nigerian youths and its implication on foreign investment.


At a time other past Nigerian leaders are rooting for a youth that can take the country out of its present debacle, President Muhammadu Buhari nailed the youths in the faraway United Kingdom.


He said during the Commonwealth Business Forum at Westminster that Nigerian youths are lazy. That they do not want to work but to sit down and expect everything to fall into their laps with the notion that the country is an oil-rich nation.


What a heavy statement coming from President Buhari in the presence of world leaders. I have thought that Mr President read a speech until I saw the video clip.


I had early criticized the president’s speechwriter for committing one of the worst information management until I saw the president on Youtube muttering the damaging words.


He said that the country has a young population of 60 percent youths who are lazy. I’m a youth and I don’t think I’m lazy.


What ran through my mind was the song of legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti, “Beast of No Nation”. Fela’s song had captured Buhari’s speech while he was the military Head of State between 1983 and 1985.


Buhari described Nigerians as “Useless, Senseless and Indiscipline” which the Afrobeat Legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti tagged as “Craz Talk, Animal Talk” in his song “Beast of No Nation”, and President Muhammadu Buhari, as a civilian president, has made such a similar heavy statement again against hardworking and industrious Nigerian youths 33 years after.


Twice I have seen thousands of crowd hail Buhari, “Say Baba”, mostly in Kano State and I observed 90 percent of the crow are youths who are jobless because the successive government had failed to provide the necessary infrastructure for them to exhibit their talents.


Year in year out, Nigeria tertiary institutions churned thousands of graduates but without employment opportunity. In their resilience, many graduates have become commercial motorcycle operators, popularly known as “Okada rider”.


Degrees and Diploma certificates worth nothing again in Nigeria, and yet the youths have endured. Those who could not endure have taken to crime, prostitution and other social vices that could fetch them illegal wealth.


Many Nigerian youths travel through the bush and Mediterranean Sea to seek greener pasture in Europe but end their lives on the way. Many have been sold as slaves in Libya and yet they refused to challenge the authorities back home.


Nigerian youths are being used as political thugs for the elites to actualize their selfish dreams perhaps that is why the government will not provide the necessary atmosphere for the youths to actualize their dreams.


Nigerian youths are not lazy and it has shown in their performance outside Nigeria. The study shows that Nigerian youths are the most educated among migrants in the US and UK. Those who stay around, break the economic barrier, government bad policies and insecurity to excel in their chosen carrier.


Let us take football for example, why do Nigerian players excel abroad but fail at home? It is because the government has failed to provide the necessary sports facilities to enhance the quality in Nigerian youths.


Gone were the days, when such clubs like the Rangers of Enugu, IICC Shooting Stars, Stationery Stores, Leventis United and Abiola Babes were the toast of Nigerians. Then, those in government-funded sports brought youths together and enhanced their talents.


Today, stadiums have been turned to crusade ground for churches, factories have packed out of Nigeria due to lack of stable electricity. Many factories have been tuned to religious centre and the only things youths do now is going to church and play gamble like “Baba Ijebu and Bet Naija”.


That is what the politics of selfish leaders have turned the youths too. Though there are lazy youths, the rise in the rate of indolence among youths is heightened by the selfishness of past and present governments.


Yes, the youths now sit down to eat from the crumbs, soon, those who describe them as lazy will come for their votes.

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