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Buhari’s Govt: Awaiting Other Years Of Propaganda

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Nigeria News takes a look at the deceits the current government may want to sell in the next four years.

To put itmildly, one can say that this is a government of propaganda. The last fouryears of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is laced withdeceits,incompetence and hypocrisy.

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) that vigorously campaigned against oil subsidy has become the biggest spender on subsidy.

The reason why this government increased the pump price of Petroleum from N87.5 to N140 was because it tagged the oil subsidy as a fraud with the promise to remove it.

Of course,Buhari’s government removed oil subsidy but it was not long before it returnedit.

At present, Nigeriansare groping with the high cost of fuel and deception, called oil subsidy. Themuch noise about the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola’scapacity to ensure stable electricity is steadily sounding low now that thegovernment cannot deliver as promised.

Of a fact,the government has increased the power generation to about 7,000 megawatts inthe last four years, this is not unprecedented.

A former Minister of Power Dr Olu Agunloye during the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo was able to raise the power generation to the same level 12 years ago.

The PowerGeneration has fluctuated between 4,000 megawatts and 7,000 megawatts in thelast 20 years of unbroken democracy.

This, invariably means that successive governments, including the present government have only struggled to add between 2,000 and 3,000 megawatts every four years.

No government has been able to achieve the 10,000 megawatts target set by Obasanjo in 1999 when he came to power.

The cost ofproduction in Nigeria is very high mainly because the government has failed toprovide the power infrastructure.

Of course, Fashola has tried his best, he must have also learnt now that running a bigger project like Nigeria requires more than having the skills to run Lagos metropolis.

Fashola’s performance as Lagos State Governor endeared him to Buhari and he latter compensated him with three in one ministry to show his skills.

But with thesituation of things now, I will not be surprised if two ministries are takenaway from Fashola. There have been much of propaganda in the number of roadsbuilt by this government and the purported power generation, which mostNigerians have not been enjoying.

Besides thegovernment’s propaganda, the power Distribution Companies across the countryhave subjected Nigerians to serious mistreatment through the estimated billing.

The NigerianElectricity Regulation Commission has failed to drive its policies so as toforce DISCOs to provide pre-paid meters to customers.

Customers pay through their noses despite the epileptic power being supplied to them, yet there is news flying in the media that government has licensed 17 companies under its Meter Asset Provider scheme to give Meters to subscribers.

The Buhari’s“Next Level” started with the inauguration of some uncompletedprojects in Lagos and this has suggested how this government will be run in thenext four years.

With what has happened in Lagos, which is tagged, “State of Excellence”, Nigerians should prepare to witness more of this in the “Next Level”.

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